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Hi! Welcome to Chrystal’s Cookware Hub, which is all about healthy cooking!

The information here is to help you with choosing essentials for your kitchen so you can serve nourishing meals for you and your family. 

About Crystal & Crystal’s Cookware Hub

You will find reviews of ceramic cookware and kitchenware written by a mom (that’s me), who is focused on healthy cooking and eating.

After my dad suffered a heart attack, our family realized the need to reduce cholesterol and calorie-intake in our diets. This led to low-fat cooking with nonstick pans. Mind you, those were the early nonstick pans. Eeek!

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My family enjoys a good foodie get together, especially when it’s about yummy wholesome cooking

Thank goodness the new generation of healthy cooking options no longer have PFOAs and we have nonstick ceramic, which is a healthier choice for the environment when it comes to the concerns about harmful chemicals, like PFTE (Teflon). I cringe at the thought of its potential effects on birdlife and the environment.  

With ceramic cookware, you have non stick cooking without the worry of those compounds.

Since researching and learning more about healthy eating ways, I have lots to share with the attitude that healthy eating starts with the cookware. I also share healthy food tips and other kitchen how-to ideas.

At the Crystal’s Cookware Hub, I research and compile info on some best cookware, including ceramics, stainless steel, and cast iron, and energy saving appliances, such as Instant Pots, slow cookers, rice cookers, and pressure cookers, for you to consider.

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Crystal Hodge

Here are some main reasons why people choose ceramics…

1. Ceramics for Healthy Nonstick Cookware

  • Super easy to clean
  • Nonstick meaning less fat and oil intake in your diet
  • No PFOAs and PTFE, and no harmful levels of lead and cadmium, which is good for you and the environment

There are an assortment of sets and various brands available on the market, some of which are great and others not so great. You will want to invest in a safe, reliable, and durable cookware set.

So what should you consider when buying nonstick ceramic cookware?  What is the best cookware set for the money? It can all get a little overwhelming. At the end of the day, you want a set of pots and pans that meets your needs and suits your cooking style. You should definitely read my Buyer’s Guide to choosing the best nonstick ceramic cookware.

2. Entirely Natural Ceramic Cookware

The three main elements that set the 100% ceramic cookware apart:

  • No nasties: no PFOAs and PTFE, no metals as well
  • Extra super easy to clean and will last you a lifetime with care
  • Super versatile, styled for cooking, serving, and storing, all in the same pot

Read my review to find out more about the pros and cons of Xtrema 100% Ceramic Cookware.

Ceramic Frying Pans

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Ceramic Knife Sets

Did you know that ceramic knives are the sharpest and remain sharp for longer than most other types available?

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