About Air Fryers With Ceramic Baskets

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Air fryers are perfect for those who want to reduce the oil or fat in their fried foods. They are easy to use and clean, and they don’t require much maintenance. Here’s what to know about air fryers baskets and the ceramic type…

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Learning about air fryer baskets

Do all air fryers have a basket to contain the foods?

Do all air fryers come with a basket? Yes, it’s unusual for air fryers not to come with a basket. And, you probably won’t find many a brand of this kitchen appliance that don’t use non-stick in the design because of the inherent benefits of using non-stick coatings for clean up and convenience.

Air frying technology

Modern air fryers use rapid air technology with fast moving fans circulating hot air to cook the food. The movement of the fans create a certain hum and some air fryers are noisy compared to others.

An example of how hot air circulates to cook food in the Elpis ceramic air fryer

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There are many dishes you can make with this technology from toast to crispy frying of frozen food to cooking a delicious meal of roast chicken. And the basket is an essential part for air frying foods.

A heat resistant basket, tray, rack, or a similar part, holds the food in place during the cooking process. High heat during air frying means you want safe options with no potential harmful fumes.

Shape, size and surface of air fryer baskets

Air fryer basket design includes round or square and dimensions that depend on the air fryer size. Some might consider the best basket air fryers are square, because you have the option of toasting 2–4 square slices of bread in the air fryer.

Round or square, the choices are your’s to make.

You can choose between different non-stick coatings in air fryers also. For example, instead of Teflon, a basket with a nonstick ceramic coating is an option if you’re wanting the advantages of ceramic vs Teflon non-stick coatings.

ceramic basket in air fryers 

If you are looking for an air fryer with ceramic coated basket rather than a Teflon one, I’ve put together a list of popular choices (Click here for these great examples) that are not the noisy types you may have read about.

Air fryer with ceramic basket australia

As I have a few Australian viewers, I’ve added this info here. You can get the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer and the Aria Teflon-free model through Amazon.com.au but at about four times the price.

A lower-priced ceramic coated basket option for you at the Australian Amazon shop is this 5 litre (5.3 Qt) AF160 Ninja Air Fryer.

Final thoughts

Air fryers are kitchen appliances that allow you to cook food without having to heat oil or grease. I wrote how air fryers can replace the need for a deep fryer, toaster ovens, and others appliances in a home kitchen. They save time and energy as they don’t require constant attention. A nonstick basket with ceramic coating offers an alternative to the standard PTFE type and is great for those looking for Teflon-free options.


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