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Covering a range of items these guides are about helping you choose the right essentials for your kitchen from slow cookers to portable induction cookers, kettles, kitchen utensils, and other accessories for cooking hearty meals in a modern kitchen. They’ll take you through everything you need to know when choosing the particular appliance or product. You’ll also find how-to articles and answers to frequently asked questions.

Programmable Slow Cookers With Ceramic Pots

The following are recommendations to check out if you’re looking for a programmable slow cooker with ceramic pots. All of these are available at Amazon. All-Clad 6.5 Quart All-Clad, stainless

Quiet Air Fryers

The following are recommendations for air fryers that not quite as noisy as others. They include ones with ceramic coated baskets. Ninja 4 quart with Ceramic coated basket Ninja AF101

What Can An Air Fryer Replace?

You might not want every appliance on offer in your kitchen. Let’s look at an air fryer. Can you use an air fryer in place of anything or everything? Well,