Best Ceramic Cookware For Induction Cooktop

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Wanting a healthy nonstick option that’s induction safe? You might be looking at ceramic as an option for the best cookware in that range. Here’s my run down on what to look for when choosing ceramic cookware for induction cookers.

best ceramic cookware for induction cooktop, ceramic induction cookware sitting on glass induction cooktop

Thinking of buying an induction cooktop (or maybe you already have one)? You should know that not all cookware suit these types of cooktops.

In a hurry? For the best brand recommended set…… take a look at the Caraway 7 Piece PTFE-Free Cookware Set.

What pots can I use on induction cooktop?

Pots to use on an induction cooktop are those with a magnetic base. (A magnet should stick to these.) If buying, look for labels stating induction-ready, induction compatible, induction safe, or trademarks such as Magneto.

Cookware for induction cooktop: You need induction safe cookware for an induction cooktop. By ‘safe’ I mean it’s compatible. Anything else won’t work.

If you are sold on non-stick cookware and prefer using ceramic vs. chemical-based non-stick, you can use ceramic nonstick on induction cooktops if you have the right type.

Comparing ceramic induction cookware on the market

Having nonstick benefits in an induction cookware set means you enjoy easy cleanup and reduced fat cooking. Ceramic nonstick induction cookware gives you these benefits plus a product free of PTFE and PFOA chemicals. Compare some popular sets…



Best basic set
7 piece
Organized storage
Oven safe to 550°F

GreenLife Soft Grip
GreenLife Soft Grip 15 Piece Ceramic Non-Stick Induction Cookware Set, Turquoise

Best for price
15 piece
Wobble free base
S/steel steamer

GreenPan Valencia Pro
GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Induction Safe Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, 11 Piece Set, Gray

Best for versatility
11 piece
Diamond infused
Stay cool s/steel handles
Oven safe up to 600ºF
Pan protectors

Kenmore Arlington
Kenmore Arlington Nonstick Ceramic Coated Forged Aluminum Induction Cookware with Bakelite Handles, 12-Piece Set, Metallic Blue

Best by consumer reports
Heavy gauge
12 piece
Wooden utensils
Stay cool handles
Oven safe to 350ºF

Vremi 8 Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set Induction Stovetop Compatible Dishwasher Safe Non Stick Pots and Frying Pans with Lids, Yellow and White

8 piece
modern and attractive
Wooden-look trims

Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond Cookware Triple Steel Ceramic Nonstick Stainless Steel Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 7 Piece

7 piece
3ply s/steel base
Pans oven safe to 600ºF
Stay cool handles
*at Amazon

Note: While nonstick ceramic cookware with a magnetic metal base will perform well on an induction cooktop, pure ceramic cookware won’t. It lacks that magnetic component to generate heat when in contact with the induction cooktop. And, not all non stick ceramic cookware has this property.

Induction cooking has a number of advantages, as you’ll see in my article covering the pros and cons of induction cooking.

Can you use ceramic cookware on induction cooktop?

Yes, you can use ceramic cookware on induction cooktop, but you can’t use just any type of ceramic cookware. The cookware needs to have a magnetic metal layer in the base for the heating to work on the induction cooktop.

Best ceramic cookware for induction cooktops buying guide

For the best ceramic cookware for induction, look for a respected brand with a design marked as induction suitable and which offers comfort, safety, and minimal hum.

Best ceramic nonstick cookware for induction cooktops

Caraway induction cookware sets with storage solutions

Caraway ceramic cookware set

Great set for induction cooktops
— see it at Caraway Home

Caraway Home has this popular ceramic non-stick set that has you covered with the basic pieces you need in a home kitchen. It comes with a magnetic pan rack and canvas lid holder so your pan storage is never a mess, you have easy access, and your cookware stays looking like new.

The polished handles are stainless and designed to stay cool.

This 7 piece set comes in a choice of seven colors in the exterior finish. What you get in the set is a fry pan with lid, two pots with lids, and a skillet.


  • Comes with storage solution so no need for pan protectors
  • Oven-safe to 550 ºF
  • Great handles!
  • A 30-day hassle free return


  • Riveted areas may need extra care in cleaning
  • Non stick
  • Need to lift the lid to view the contents cooking

GreenPan is another of several induction cookware brands that have some good options on the market.

It has many designs in this range and is one of the most respected and well-known cookware brands in the ceramic nonstick range.

GreenPan use Magneto technology, a trademark indicating a magnetic base. Iron is magnetic and is usually what is incorporated in the base of some top cookware for induction cooktops.

Here’s one of GreenPan’s induction compatible cookware sets…

Valencia Pro Induction Cookware

GreenPan makes the Valencia Pro, an induction-ready design with toughened ceramic coating. It comes in an 11 piece set but is available in other size options. 

GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Induction Safe Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, 11 Piece Set, Gray
GreenPan Valencia Pro
– See it at Amazon

The pans are lightweight and the long stainless steel handles with a V at the pan are designed to keep the handles cool.

The handles are stainless steel, though designed to stay cool.

The bases are clearly marked with Magneto – the induction technology used by GreenPan.

The manufacturer claims the pots and pans are not only dishwasher safe but also metal utensil and oven safe to 600°F.

This set is a perfect companion to the home kitchen or even the small induction cookers for portable entertaining.

Find out how the Valencia Pro by GreenPan compares with others in this brand’s range in my comparison of 6 GreenPan ceramic nonstick designs.

Induction cooking is efficient, meaning you save on energy costs. And, then there’s the safety reasons for having an induction cooktop, which is why parents today weigh-up reasons for choosing induction cooktops over traditional electric and gas.

What to look for when choosing induction cookware

The main features to look for when choosing the best induction compatible cookware for you are…

Base of pan

The induction pots and pans have a magnetic base. This base of induction compatible cookware interacts with the induction cooktop to create the heat needed for cooking.

Check whether the pan has this type of base for induction heating. Look for labeling or descriptions such as ‘induction safe’, ‘induction suitable’ or ‘induction-ready’. (Or, try the trick I have mentioned with the magnet).

The image below shows the base of a GreenPan Valencia Pro pot, with the Magneto trade mark, indicating that it is induction safe.

GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Induction Safe Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Gray Frying Pan/Skillet, 10"
GreenPan Valencia Pro frying pan
– See it at Amazon

Quality – respected brand of ceramic pot, induction

Is it a quality set? For example, the manufacturer is a respected company.

Does it come with a warranty to give you the confidence you need to depend on these products to last?

Ease of cleaning induction stove pans

Are the pots and pans dishwasher-safe for your personal convenience? I always recommend hand washing to increase the longevity of your cookware, but some people prefer the convenience of dishwashing.

hand washing the ceramic nonstick cookware for induction

Comfort & safety in design

Look for induction cooktop pans that are easy and comfortable to use. Do they come equipped with comfortable silicone handles or similar to ensure that you have a safe and firm grip no matter how long the pans have been on the stove?

Will the pots for induction cooktop hum?

Why weight matters…

The weight of the induction cooktop pans matters from a noise perspective. Heavier types of cookware, such as cast iron, produce less of the humming noise that is generated with induction cooking.

But at the same time, mishandling of a heavy pan can mark your glass induction cooktop.

If you don’t mind the hum, you may prefer the lightweight cookware for its ease of handling and for a set that’s less likely to produce scratches on the cooktop.

While you might not have everything you need in your kitchen right away, choosing an exceptional construction in cookware straight up will ensure your kitchen is off to a good start.

What are the best options on the market if you are looking to buy induction-ready cookware?

Ceramic nonstick cookware are much lighter. The induction type use a magnetic mineral layer in their bases. 

Aluminum and copper are non magnetic and so nonstick induction pans are often multi-ply with an induction-compatible outer skin. In some, this involves a magnetic grade stainless steel.

Storage systems and stackable pans

Some sets of pans are stackable, like the Blue Diamond ceramic induction set shown in the table. This is a great feature because it saves space and keeps your storage looking neat and tidy.

Caraway ceramic cookware storage solution

Better still…Caraway Home has the perfect solution with a set that comes with a storage system that sets the pots and pans apart. You don’t have to worry about chipping or scratching the cookware.

But if you are wanting to stack, what I do recommend, to keep your pans at their best, is to slide in a protector between pans. Here’s an option worth considering…

Pan Protectors for Stacking, Pot and Pan Protectors for Stacking, Pot Dividers Pads, Set of 16
Pan Protectors for Stacking Pots and Pans
available at Amazon

Other induction ready cookware sets

Let’s look at other induction-ready cookware sets.

I cover what to love or not about stainless steel cookware in my article about which cookware material is the healthiest.

Stainless steel cookware like Made In that works on induction cooktops use a magnetic grade of stainless steel in outer skin.

The following are more induction-ready pots and pans in this range to compare…

Cuisinart induction cookware sets in stainless steel

Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro Triple Ply 12-Piece Cookware Set, PC, Silver
Cuisinart MCP-12N MultiClad Pro Triple Ply

Available at Amazon

If you’re looking for the security that a widely respected name brand can give you, then this high-quality set from Cuisinart will be just the thing to give you the best induction cookware.

You can choose from 7 to 12 piece sets in polished stainless steel.

The 12-piece set has everything you could need, from stock and soup pots to large saute pans, all of which come with an aluminum center that guarantees lightweight and ease of use.

Of course, to work perfectly with induction stovetops, this collection involves triple-ply construction. It has three different levels of metals bonded together in a durable cookware design – stainless steel inner and outer and aluminum bonded between.

This is the perfect cookware set for someone who’s looking to replace an old set or a new homeowner who’s looking to fully stock his or her kitchen with induction pans.

The manufacturer claims the set is dishwasher safe, is oven safe to 550° F, and comes with a lifetime warranty. 3 Note: I do recommend you hand wash if you want your pots and pans to work best for longer.

T-fal induction cookware in nonstick range

T-fal Professional Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, 12-Piece, Black
T-fal Professional

Available at Amazon

This set carries the T-fal’s ‘Thermo spot technology‘. The great thing about this is that you can tell when the pans are ready for you to add the ingredients because a ring around the Thermo spot turns solid red.

The nonstick surface is titanium-reinforced, making it tougher. It is PTFE based, rather than ceramic. You can compare these in my article on what to know about Teflon vs ceramic.

Bottom line

If you are looking to buy a new set of pots or pans, induction compatible designs seem a good option as an investment. The Caraway set is my favorite of the designs – scroll back to the table to take a quick look at all the reviewed sets and see how it compares.

Induction cooking is a style that fits well in both modern and classic kitchens and especially in compact spaces. Even a portable induction cooktop, a one or two-burner unit for the indoor or outdoor bench, is a versatile cooking option. See my article on what to look for in a portable induction cooktop.

Why choose ceramic non stick cookware for induction cookers? Ceramic itself is non toxic and natural. Many consider a coating made from ceramic a better choice among the nonstick type of cookware options. 

Also, with food cooked in non stick cookware, you get to consume less fat and that’s ideal for some. 

The other great thing about ceramic induction cookware is that it can be used on all types of cooktops, not just induction cookers. 

The multi-ply design, incorporating a magnetic mineral, such as iron, in the base, or a magnetic stainless steel outer skin, means they are sturdily made. 

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