Best Hot Glue Gun for DYI Household Tasks

Looking for the best hot glue gun? Featuring ceramic PTC, these hot glue guns are the best for quickly fixing bits and pieces and depending on the glue type will adhere ceramic, wood, plastic, paper, glass, and leather in your DIY projects, and much more.

Here are three heavy duty glue guns that suit all needs from crafting to industrial use.

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Anyyion Glue Gun

The Anyyion AI 300 watt hot glue gun features fast heat-up with high output for professional or everyday use. This is an industrial quality adhesive hot melt glue gun.

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You can use this hot glue gun to glue ceramics, wood, metal, plastics, glass, and magnets.


Heats up fast and super hot within minutes, gets up to 490 degrees F. Easy to get a flow of a large amount of glue with this 300 watt gun. Also has a flip out stand to keep it sitting off the bench or table.


The flip-out stand is a bit flimsy and with glue flowing out when heating can get messy.

Ryobi Glue Gun

The Ryobi P305 18 volt ONE is a cordless hot glue gun.

This 60 watt hot glue gun is battery powered and expected to operate for up to 3½ hr once fully charged.

Weighs 1.4 lb.

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Cordless, so can take anywhere. Great for outside jobs.


No automatic power off. With the weight of the battery, this is not a lightweight hot glue gun. Will need to have the battery charged and ready to go before you can use it.


The DEWALT DWHTGR50 will heat 50% faster than standard types, due to the ceramic heater, which also stays hot longer,

It has a fold-out stand and a handle base that helps prevent ‘hot glue gun burn’.

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Is Hot Glue Conductive?

The hot glue gun sticks comprise a polymer base with additives. There are various base polymers that can be used and certain polymers can be conductive or have conductive particles added. Hot-melt adhesives are numerous. You will need to do your research to find out about a particular glue stick.

Does Hot Glue Work on Glass?

Hot glue is capable of bonding glass. Look for one that dries clear. Normal sticks will adhere, but for a stronger bond, you’ll want to get the hot glue sticks that are designed for jewelry.

For gluing heavy glass seek out specialty glue sticks that are designed especially for heavy-duty projects. Low or medium heat sticks are better than those requiring extremely hot temperatures so that you don’t damage the glass.

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