Why Bother With A Small Crock Pot?

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When it comes to convenience and simplicity in the kitchen, slow cookers have revolutionized meal preparation. They allow home cooks to create delicious, healthy meals without a huge amount of time and presence spent in the kitchen.

It’s sooo… set and forget.

Ceramic pot – a healthy choice in slow cooking

And what’s really attractive is the convenience of coming home to a warm, scrumptious family meal at the end of a long hard day. This is why so many home cooks invest in the automatic ‘set and forget’ slow cooker units.

However, as with any type of cookware that you purchase, making sure that the product you are buying is safe and secure for yourself and your loved ones is a priority.

When it comes to items such as slow cookers, the best option health-wise would be to choose a crockpot with a ceramic inner bowl.

Why choose a ceramic inner pot? This is because ceramic can give you all the benefits and ease of any top-of-the-line cooking appliance without the range of drawbacks (including toxicity and health risks) from materials such as Teflon or aluminum.

(I wrote about the different materials in what to know about these when choosing cookware. I also share more details in my article on ceramic vs Teflon.)

Here are just some of the reasons to choose a ceramic pot when buying a slow cooker for your home.

No Toxic Chemicals

One of the biggest issues that home cooks can face when trying to make easy meals in their own kitchens can be having their ingredients stick to the pan as they cook.

Of course, many companies have developed non-stick coating alternatives that help prevent this rather aggravating situation from occurring. However, there is a wide range of risks that can come with these options. See my article on the ceramic nonstick cookware as a healthy option.

One main product for coating the surface of cooking pans was Teflon. Up until the year 2013, Teflon was produced using PFOA, also known as perfluorooctanoic acid. This is a man-made chemical designed specifically to resist heat, grease, water, and sticking. It appeared the perfect solution for home cooks who needed a better alternative to the cooking pans and utensils that they had at the moment.

The only problem was that PFOA has been linked to a wide range of negative side effects including thyroid disorders, liver disease, kidney disease, and even cancer. There are even a number of studies that have connected the chemical with infertility and low birth weight, which can be particularly concerning for women who are trying to conceive.

Naturally Non-Stick

Ceramic, on the other hand, is a material that when appropriately glazed to food-grade standard is naturally non-stick and non-toxic. This means that there is no additional coating that could potentially pose a risk to you and your loved ones.

So, if you’re looking for a completely non-toxic crock pot, then this will be a great option for you.

The All-Clad SD710851 Slow Cooker — see details at Amazon — is one great example of such a product. This ceramic slow cooker was designed with the busy home cook in mind.

Not only does it come with a four-quart insert that allows you to easily prepare meals for up to five people but it also gives you four- to twenty-hour cooking times, helping to guarantee that you end up making the perfect meal for the exact moment you need it.

And not only is the ceramic cooking insert perfect for non-stick use but it can also be put right into the dishwasher once you’ve finished your meal, making things even easier for you after your long days at work.

There will be no more having to worry about washing out your crock pot by hand to avoid damaging it. These inserts can easily be machine washed, saving you more time in the long run.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Another great benefit of choosing a ceramic slow cooker will be that it will not scratch and break down as easily as its metal alternatives.

With most all-metal cooking options, the coating that covers the pan or appliance is actually incredibly sensitive. This means that scraping it with metal spoons or knives will almost certainly ruin it in an unbelievably short amount of time.

Ceramic, on the other hand, is extremely durable. This material can naturally withstand the beatings that you’ll end up giving it in the kitchen, making it ideal for even the most brutal of home cooks.

No matter what kind of meal you decide to test out in your slow cooker, you can rest assured that the ceramic will work perfectly for years to come.

The TONZE DGD22-22EG Healthy Smart 3 Ceramic Pot — see details at Amazon — is another example of one of the most reliable and safest crock pot options out there.

This particular design is actually scratch-proof, which means that you’ll be able to throw anything you’ve got at it and it will continue working perfectly for you year after year.

Additionally, this model comes with a wide range of safety features that you can take advantage of, including protection against dry heating which will help ensure that your home is safe and sound even if you’re making dinner while you’re at work.

Affordable and Reliable

There’s no denying that cooking appliances can get expensive, especially if you end up doing a lot of cooking at home.

However, because ceramic is such an easy material for developers to work with, cookware produced using it will actually be much more affordable than other high-end aluminum or other metal options.

What makes this material even better? Because ceramic is so durable and damage-resistant, you can rest assured that your investment will last you for years to come.

When you purchase a standard aluminum cooking pan, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be buying a new one within a year depending on the amount of cooking that you do.

This simply isn’t the case with ceramic, which can be easily reused for decades when cared for properly.

Having to constantly purchase new cookware can really have an impact on your finances and you shouldn’t let the cooking materials have an impact whether or not you can cook at home.

Purchasing ceramic will provide you with the high-quality materials that you need at a price that works with any budget.

Slow cookers have become a staple appliance in almost every home across the country.

However, choosing the best crock pot for you and your family can sometimes make much more of a difference than you ever could have expected.

Ceramic-based slow cookers are a great option for busy home cooks who are looking for a safe and reliable option that they’ll be able to turn to for years.

Not only will you be taking away all the potentially harmful chemicals that other non-stick coverings can bring with them but you’ll also be able to take advantage of ceramic’s natural durability and resilience.

Make sure that you take the time to really look at all the options out there so you can be sure that you find a slow cooker that you’ll love to use whenever you can.

Rest assured that you’ll have easy, delicious, and safe meals for yourself and your family in no time.

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