Can An Air Fryer Toast Bread? (vs Toaster)

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Are you thinking of using your air fryer to make toast. Can an air fryer replace a toaster? Yes it can. It can easily make the perfect toast. Here’s how…

Air frying is a trendy way to cook these days. People love the convenience of cooking food without having to heat up their kitchen or wait for the oven to preheat. The problem is, knowing which foods cook well in an air fryer. Can you really toast bread in an air fryer? Read on for what you need to toast bread in an air fryer and how to go about it.

Air fryer can toast bread, using air fryer to toast bread

What you need to make toast in air fryer

  • Air fryer with basket accessory (or baking rack accessory). The ideal piece will fit 2-4 bread slices easily without blocking air flow. 
  • Slices of your favorite type of bread, bought or home baked bread. Mine is sourdough.

How to Make toast in an air fryer

  • Place 2–4 slices of bread inside the basket laying them flat.
  • Set the appliance to air fry on high, 400ºF (204ºC).
  • Close the lid and toast the bread in the air fryer until the slices are golden brown (cooking time 3–5 minutes)…3 minutes if thinly sliced…making sure to flip halfway through.

You’ll get more recipes like this such as frozen garlic bread from foodies like Bintu. You might like to spread butter or oil on the bread just as you would add oil to other food before air frying.


You might already have an air fryer with non-stick ceramic coating on the basket (or Teflon), but for the easiest to clean air fryer, try placing parchment paper under the slices of bread.

Air fryer vs toaster

There are many appliances in the kitchen that an air fryer can replace and a toaster is one.

An air fryer toasts bread just as simply as a toaster, though you might prefer the crispier result from the air fryer. One difference, air fryers hum, whereas the noisiest part of toasters is when the toast pops up.

But what about the cost effectiveness of using an air fryer compared with a toaster. Air fryers do not cost a lot to run. Neither do toasters. But if you want the calculations to compare: An average 1500 watt air fryer will use around 0.37 kWh per 15 min daily operation while an average toaster will use 1200 watt when in use and so uses around 0.30 kWh per 15 min daily operation.

What to serve with you air fried toast

Serve the toast with your favorite toppings — butter, cream cheese, jam, marmalade, peanut butter, avocado, or whatever you like on toast (if you’re an Aussie you might have Vegemite).

There are many delicious toppings you can add. Be creative.


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