Understanding the Cookware Warranty Or Guarantee

If you’re wanting value-for-money cookware, products that perform well and last, you might want to check the warranty and guarantee offered with the product. The problem is that the choice of words will differ, making it tricky to know how items compare in what’s cover. Here’s what you need to know. Paying attention to the … Read more

100% Ceramic Skillet – Xtrema Frying Pan Reviews

healthy cookware, best skillets

Looking for cookware that’s durable and safe for you and your family? Nonstick surfaces have a limited lifespan and metallic cooking surfaces leach metals into your food. For a healthy option why not consider a 100% ceramic skillet by Xtrema… This article reviews the 100 percent ceramic skillets made by Xtrema. For info on the … Read more

What Is the Healthiest Cookware To Use

healthy cookware

Looking to replace or purchase your first set of pots and pans? There are many choices when it comes to cookware and appliances. So what is the healthiest cookware to use? It can be overwhelming and you’re wanting the best for you and your family’s health and budget, right? This guide aims to help. My … Read more

Teflon vs Ceramic Nonstick | Important Differences

ceramic vs teflon

You might be wondering about that ceramic coating (vs Teflon) when it comes to buying non stick pans. If you’re not sure of the important differences between pans with PTFE and non stick pans without Teflon (ceramic) read on. Here’s what I’ve discovered since looking at the ins and outs of Teflon vs ceramix nonstick … Read more