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Do you have an induction cooktop and are looking for ceramic non stick cookware that’s compatible? Not all ceramic cookware is induction-ready. In this article, I look at the ceramic non stick induction cookware that’s popular right now and why these could be the best option for all cooktops.

ceramic cookware for induction stove
Compatible cookware for induction cooktops require with a magnetic base

Does ceramic cookware work on induction cooktops? While nonstick ceramic cookware with a magnetic metal base will perform well on an induction cooktop, pure ceramic cookware won’t. It lacks that magnetic component to generate heat when in contact with the induction cooktop. And, not all non stick ceramic cookware has this property.

Induction cookware can be used on any type of cooktop. In that respect, it’s a good option for any kitchen.

What makes them more sought after is the popularity of one- and two-burner induction cookers. These are great for the compact space, patio cooking or when on the road or on the water. I cover the ins and outs of these in my article on the best portable induction cooker.

I also cover the many reasons to consider ceramic when choosing non stick cookware here.

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Popular ceramic non stick induction cookware sets

Brands that make ceramic nonstick induction cookware include GreenPan and Cuisinart.

Valencia Pro Induction Cookware

GreenPan has the Valencia Pro, which is induction ready cookware, among other advanced design features. You can get this in a 6 piece as well as an 11 piece cookware set.

The six piece is basically two frying pans, each with a glass lid, along with a bamboo spatula and their Healthy Craving cookbook. The pans have long stainless steel handles. This set is a perfect companion to the small induction cookers for portable entertaining.

You can find out more about the Valencia Pro by GreenPan and how it compares with others in my review of GreenPan ceramic nonstick designs.

How are ceramic cookware for induction cooktop made

Ceramic induction cookware has metallic substances or a layer incorporated into the base to make it suitable to perform with an induction cooktop.

Metals that are magnetic work with induction cooktops. Iron is one and is the reason cast iron skillets can be used with induction cooking. These are heavy though and can scratch the glass induction cooktop.

Stainless steel cookware like Made In that works on induction cooktops use a magnetic grade of stainless steel in outer skin.

Ceramic nonstick cookware are much lighter. The induction type use a magnetic mineral layer in their bases.

Aluminum and copper are non magnetic and so nonstick induction pans are often multi-ply with an induction-compatible outer skin. In some, this involves a magnetic grade stainless steel. GreenPans Venice Pro is one example – check out the reviews by verified purchasers at Amazon.

Ceramic nonstick cookware for induction hobs
GreenPan Venice Pro – Click for price at Amazon

GreenPan state their bases have Magneto technology, which is a trademark indicating a magnetic substance incorporated in the design. By the look of the base is probably iron, as stainless steel and iron are the two magnetic types of material in cookware.

Healthy induction cookware

Why choose ceramic non stick cookware for induction cookers? Ceramic is non toxic and considered a healthy choice of cookware material.

Another reason it is healthy is you consume less fat with food cooked in non stick cookware.


The great thing about ceramic induction cookware is that it can be used on all types of cooktops, not just induction cookers.

The multi-ply design, incorporating a magnetic mineral, such as iron, in the base, or a magnetic stainless steel outer skin, means these are sturdily made.

If you are looking to buy a new set of pots or pans, induction compatible designs seem the best option as an investment.


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