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What are simple but surprisingly good cooking hacks that you know? Are you looking for a few more tricks to make life easier, to save time and effort, in the kitchen. Here is my list of 20+ cooking hacks, starting with my top 5 basic tricks, to help you out in the home kitchen.

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My Top 5 Quick Kitchen Tips

What are your top 5 cooking hacks? Here’s my five…

  • If you hate preparing pumpkin, try removing the seeds using a metal ice cream scoop and then you can microwave the pumpkin pieces cut-side down. Add a dash of water in the microwave dish beforehand. The skin should come away easily. This might take several minutes depending on size. Then cook the pumpkin as you desire.
  • If you find peeling lemons or oranges tricky, you can easily peel citrus fruit by microwaving them for 20 seconds first.
  • You can perfectly peel boiled eggs by adding a pinch of soda to their cooking water and then run them under cold water after cooking to help release the shell from the cooked egg white.
  • You can cut onions without the tears by freezing them first for 30 minutes. Note: this is not recommended if you intend to use the onions fresh in salads. So if you are using them in a salad, another trick is to run cold water over your wrists – weird, but it does work to stop the tears.
  • You can grate cheese more easily if you freeze the cheese for half an hour beforehand.

You might have already known these, so read on for more easy cooking hacks.

What are Some Practical Cooking Hacks?

Practical cooking hacks and tips that I know include these that are often asked about.

How to Peel Potatoes Fast?

Don’t want to spend time peeling potatoes. Here’s an idea: Use a knife to cut the skin of the potato around the middle (encircling the potato) and then boil them whole in a pan with the skin on. When finished cooking, run them under cold water and then you can easily remove the skins. Watch this youtube video for more detail…

How to Soften Butter With a Glass?

Heat a microwavable glass with water in the microwave. Throw out the water and place the glass over the stick of butter for a few minutes. The warmth from the glass will make the butter soft.

Best Way to Cut Brownies

How to cut brownies perfectly? Use a warm blade wiping it clean each time you make the cut.

How to Cut a Pomegranate Hack

First, use your paring knife, cutting at an angle, to remove the remnants of the flower at the top of the fruit. Next score the sides and pull the fruit apart. For more detail, you can find a good step by step with photos here.

How to Save Half a Banana?

Make sure you cut it in half with the skin on. Wrap the end in plastic wrap or for more enviro-friendly option, a beeswax wrap.

How to Spread Icing Easily on Baked Goods

You can do this while the product is still in the baking dish as long as the goods have cooled but are still warm (not straight from the oven). Use a knife that has been warmed by placing it in a glass of hot water. Load the knife with icing and spread across the surface of the cake. After each spread, rinse the knife in the warm water and return to spread the remainder of the icing. 

10+ More Easy Cooking Hacks

Here’s a bunch more including ones on how to help with cleaning cookware and several easy cooking hacks.

  • Excess fat. Remove excess fat from cooked food with ice cubes wrapped in paper towel. The fat should solidify and cling to the towel.
  • Squeezing citrus fruit. Simply cool them first then zap in the microwave for 15 seconds.
  • Water boiling over. Put wooden spoon in pot to stop the contents boiling over.
  • No cupcake shells. Use parchment paper in place of cupcakes shells.
  • Reheating pizzas. When warming up pizzas put a cup of water in the oven to keep the crust crunchy.
  • Leftover herbs. Keep extra cooking herbs in ice-cubes in the freezer to use later. Try putting them in water or oil to retain nutritional value.
  • Cookware cleaning. When cleaning cast iron frying pan don’t wash with an ordinary dish washing product. Instead use table salt.
  • Food residue stuck in frypan. When the pan has cooled to warm add enough water to cover the residue and allow to soak for several minutes. Then wash as normal.
  • Garlic odor. Remove garlic odor from cooking utensils by scrubbing with table salt or lemon.
  • Messy wooden spoons. Restore those wooden spoons or utensils suited to non-stick cookware by boiling them in plain water and then drying them in the sun.
  • Cutting Boards. Maintain wooden or bamboo cutting boards in good condition by oiling them occasionally with grapeseed oil or a similar oil.

What Are Some Cooking Tips or Hacks That You Know?

What are the best cooking hacks you know? What are the best cooking baking hacks do you believe every person should know? Feel free to share your favorites in the comments below.

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