Ceramic Ember Mug Not Heating [What To Do]

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Does your ceramic Ember mug not heat up as you think it should? It might be to do with something quite simple. Here are the possible reasons and how to fix them.

What is a ceramic Ember mug? To put it simply, a ceramic Ember is a mug that has:

  • Stainless steel at the core with an exterior finishing of what the manufacturers describe as “FDA food grade ceramic-reinforced coating”.
  • Four sensors working to control the temperature of your beverage based on the level of the contents it detects.
  • Technology that keeps your beverage at the right temperature for drinking for longer.

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How does the Ember mug heat up?

The Ember is not an ordinary mug. It uses software in a dual-band microprocessor to detect liquid level and adjust the temperature to maintain the contents at the right heat for your enjoyment.

Just to be clear, it doesn’t ‘heat up’ cold liquid to make a hot beverage but rather it maintains a hot drink at a resting set temperature for consumption.

To do this, it activates heating elements through its sensors to maintain that temperature.

Reason Ember mug not heating

Reasons it may not work as it should temperature-wise are these…

  • Liquid added not hot enough
    “Pouring in a colder beverage may result in the mug not heating or reading as empty”, which is something the company acknowledges.

    So if you are adding liquid to your Ember mug that’s at a temperature below the setting, your mug won’t recognize it, will consider it empty, and so not activate the heating when necessary.
  • Liquid added right temperature but…
    1. You’ve added honey and it has sunk to the bottom and covered the sensors.
    2. You’ve left the teabag in the mug or loose leaf tea leaves have sunk to the bottom to cover the sensors.
    3. You’ve added cold water, cream, or milk causing the temperature to fall rapidly.
    4. In making your coffee, you’ve used frothed milk, which contains air, and this has interfered with Ember’s ability to detect the correct temperature.

Ember Mug: how to use So It Heats Properly

There are easy fixes…

  1. If you add honey — Make sure to stir it occasionally.
  2. If you’ve used a teabag, make sure to remove it after steeping.
  3. Only use loose leaf tea in a steeper so you can simply remove them.
  4. Slowly stir in any added cold water, cream, or milk so the temperature is not changed abruptly.
  5. If you add frothed milk, you might need to stir it in so the sensors can pick up the right temperature.

Is Ember worth it?

If you enjoy the conveniences offered by technology in a smart mug to keep your beverage at that right temperature for longer, then it is worth it!

Things to watch: similar to non-stick cookware, the coating on this product may wear over time without proper care. Avoid using a metal spoon and only use utensils of materials that are less abrasive, such as bamboo, wood, or silicone.

Another is that you can’t simple slip this mug into the dishwasher for cleaning. It needs hand washing as it contains sensor and technology that a dishwasher will wreck.

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