SOLVED: How To Store Sharp Knives (Ceramic Blades Also)

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Wondering about the best way to safely store sharp knives in your kitchen. If you have purchased ceramic knives, especially, you may be wondering this, as they are super sharp but also fragile. So what’s the best way to store them? Let’s look at knife storage ideas for these sharp knives for safe and durable use.

How to store sharp kitchen knives safely including those with ceramic blades
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What is the best way to store sharp knives?

The best way to store sharp blades like those of ceramic knives is in a knife block or in-drawer organizer that not only protects the blades but also provides child-safe knife storage.

First let’s start with the 5 rules of knife safety.

5 rules of knife safety

  • Never wave a knife or run with a knife in the air
  • Clean knives carefully after use and before storing
  • Store knives securely; especially away from curious little ones
  • Carry a knife with the blade facing downwards
  • Make sure the cutting or chopping surface where you plan to use the knife is stable

I compiled these based on official health and safety advice where you’ll find more guidance on preventing accidents in the kitchen relating to the handling of knives.

Protect Your Ceramic Knife Set With a Knife Block

Knife sheaths help, but a knife holder is more durable. I really love the bamboo knife holders. They look great and best of all, they’re eco-friendly, being made of renewable bamboo (bamboo is a grass and grows faster than trees that are the source of wood products). Bamboo thrives without the need to use fertilizers and pesticides and large quantities of water.

How to store sharp knives in a drawer

In-drawer knife storage is one way to protect your knife blades and safely store them. If you intend to store sharp knives in a drawer, an in-drawer organizer for knives is the better way to go both for safety and for ensuring they stay sharp for longer. It’s not a good idea to loosely store sharp knives, especially ceramic ones, in a drawer as the blades can get knocked around, chipped, and consequently require more frequent sharpening to maintain their ideal performance.

The great thing about storing knives in a drawer is that you don’t have a knife block taking up counter space.

How do you store knives in a drawer?

To store knives in a drawer, use a drawer insert that will organize and protect the knives. A knife draw insert might look like the bamboo organizer shown here.

In-drawer knife block made of bamboo with slots is one way. For a popular bamboo block with rave reviews, this in-drawer knife organizer by Shenzhen Knives has knife storage for 10–15 knives.

You can get these at Amazon: SEE THE LATEST PRICE

How do you store knives in a knife block?

Knife blocks have slots where you insert the knife blade so that it sits upright. Knife blocks usually sit on the kitchen counter. Some knife blocks are versatile in that you can either sit them on the counter or lay them flat in a drawer. Having knives in a knife block on the counter rather than in the drawer allows much easier access and sighting of the particular knife that you require.

Bamboo Knife Block

A bestseller bamboo style knife storage block is an above-bench, wall-mounted, or in-drawer one by Kyocera that fits a 3 piece knife set. You can get these at Amazon – See the latest price here.

Here’s the same block with a knife set — The Kyocera 4 piece knife block set (3 knives with knife block). The block is made of renewable bamboo, has black zirconium blades and black handcrafted ergonomic Pakka wood handles. See these at Amazon.

It can be wall-mounted, it can stand on the counter, or be laid horizontally with the knives in a drawer. So versatile! I love the idea that this could be a holder to protect and keep your ceramic knives separate from the others in your collection. It comes with a lifetime warranty and lifetime sharpening for the Kyocera knives.

Popular kitchen knife holders

The following compares bamboo knife holders that are popular right now. These in-drawer and on the counter knife blocks are designed to store your kitchen knives safely and to help retain their sharpness.

Are knife blocks bad for knives?

Are knife blocks unsanitary?

I guess a knife block can be unsanitary. But like everything, hygienic practices in the kitchen reduce the chances of such problems. Simply ensure you properly wash and dry the knife before placing it back in the block. This will reduce the likelihood of unwanted grime build up or moisture attracting the growth of mold or other microbes.

Never put a soiled knife in the knife block – always wash and dry first. Also, avoid putting the knife away while wet as moisture may attract the growth of mold in the wooden or bamboo knife block.

Can you store knives in rice?

Storing knives in rice is a trick going around on the internet. It’s a quick hack for storing sharp knives and it does work with some success. The downside is that you will need to replace the rice as it breaks down over time. And you will need a suitable container with the right dimensions in which to house the knives. The same cleaning and drying of knives, as mentioned above, applies.

How to store knives long term – as in packing for moving

There are tricks to storing knives long term or for transport. I have step-by-step instructions in my article on tips for packing ceramic knives for moving or long term storage.

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