Induction Cooking Advantages And Disadvantages

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Induction cooking has a number of benefits. But there are disadvantages. Read on…

One main thing to love in using these cooktops is that the only part that gets hot is the equipment you’re using, rather than the stovetop and the surrounds. This feature helps with keeping you and your family safe from burns.

cooking on an induction stovetop
Cooking on an induction cooktop has advantages

If you turn the cooktop on without the cookware, it won’t generate heat. This is seen as a safety factor and why some parents choose these types of cooktops.

Another major benefit is that you should see a significant reduction in the energy costs of cooking your food because these stoves heat fast. This helps the budget and is in keeping with a more environmentally friendly home.

They offer precision in cooking with the power levels and temperature settings (in some).

Other benefits:

  • They are attractive
  • Less spills and mess likely


While there are a number of benefits to this particular cooking method, you might find some downsides.

Induction heating only works when an electrically conductive material is in contact with the cooktop. This means that you’ll need pans suited to induction cooking.

Other downsides…

It’s one of the kitchen appliances that may make a sound when in operation. An air fryer is another one that I’ve written about. You might find the cooktop makes a noise like a hum or a buzz while in operation.

And, as heating is faster, you’ll find you’ll need to do your prep before starting to cook rather than while your pan is heating.

Also, you might not know why they stay hot for a time.


Some consider the emission of EMFs a downside of this technology. However, the amount emitted during normal use is considered safe according to a long list of sources.4

In the benefit of safety, you should follow these recommendations when using induction cookware: 5

  • Always use the correct pan size to cover the coil and center the pan so it completely covers the coil.
  • Ensure the pans sit well and contact the cooktop. This means using only flat-bottomed pans.
  • To avoid any likelihood of current flowing through your body, use only nonmetal spoons or utensils, e.g. made from bamboo or silicone.

Also, people with certain cardiac pacemakers may want to check with their medical advisor. A study published in Europace found “Patients are at risk if the implant is unipolar and left-sided, if they stand as close as possible to the induction cooktop, and if the pot is not concentric with the induction coil”.

Made In is one of the many brands that are now adopting the induction system and producing pots and pans that are suitable for induction stoves. Keep these product sets in mind so that you can get your kitchen ready to make some of the best meals on an induction cooker.

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