Solved: All About Putting Oil in Air Fryer

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Air fryers can fry without oil, right? But some recipes need oil for crispier results. This raises a lot of questions from where do you put the oil to which foods and so I’ve collated answers to these queries to help with the quandaries about yes or no, what type, or where to put oil in an air fryer.

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, 4 Qt, Black/gray

It helps to have answers to these frequently asked questions about air frying with oil in the one place, like a compendium. So here we go…

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Bottom line

Among several appliances, an air fryer replaces a deep fryer, in which you put loads of fat or oil for the cooking process. What you must know about putting oil in air fryers is that you don’t do it! You add the oil to the ingredients before placing them in the basket of the air fryer and then only as a light coating.

Many sources explain this approach. The type of oil matters because air fryers cook at between 350–400ºF. You should use oil with a smoke point for this type of heat.

As I explained in my article on cooking with oils, “burning or overheating of an oil ruins the goodness of the food you are cooking. The heating of oils above their smoke point also creates harmful free radicals.”


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