How to Make A Simple Breakfast Recipe From Those Leftovers

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It makes sense in today’s world to not waste food. Remember the saying – waste not want not! It’s as important today as ever it was, given the enormous food waste that occurs.

If you care about the resources that go into producing our foods – the work of the producer, the water, and the fertile soil, it feels disrespectful to waste the products of these.

As well, it helps my budget to make do with what I have already.

So, grab your cookware. Here is one of my simple recipes using leftovers.

It makes a scrumptious and healthy breakfast.

left overs, ceramic nonstick pan, ceramic non stick pan



1 1/2 – 2 cups of leftovers (this can be cooked vegetables, stew, pasta)
1 tbsp tapioca flour
1 tbsp Rice flour
2 eggs
chilli and salt to taste


Slice leftovers into bite-size chunks with a sharp knife.
Mix all the ingredients together.
Add mixture to a nonstick pan heated over medium temperature on the cooktop.
Allow mixture to set while cooking – then turn once to brown both sides (using non-abrasive utensils).

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