Vremi 8 Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Review


This set is compatible with an induction stovetop. It includes ceramic non stick pots with lids and two ceramic coated frying pans with curved sides, ideal for tossing vegetables or flipping pancakes and omelets. The pans are somewhat attractive for serving food at the dinner table.

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Design of the Vremi Set

This Vremi set sports a lightweight modern design. Durable. Interior of marble like ceramic coating. The cookware is constructed of die-cast aluminum. The aluminum base ensures the cookware will heat quickly and evenly.

While lids are not clear view types (they are aluminum), each lid has a small opening between the lid and the body of the pot to release steam and avoid pressure build up. The handles are Bakelite ergonomic types in wood-tone colors.

The exterior is heat-resistant enamel and marketed as 100% scrape free.

The handles and knobs are a wood-look Bakelite type. The interior is a marble ceramic coating that resists staining and is easy to clean.

The pots are versatile in that they are designed for cooking and then serving, with handles both sides for easy maneuvering and the exterior designed in vibrant colors.


You can choose your Vremi cookware set in modern colors of either green, blue, or yellow. The color might determine the price, so it is worth a look at any discounts offered on Amazon, if you have no color preference.

Cooking Style

These pots and pans can be used on most stovetops. That includes induction cooking.

Features and Benefits

  • Doubles as Serveware: The cookware has an attractive modern design that allows you to take the pans from the stovetop to dinner table with style. The beauty of this is that you will have less to clean.
  • Smooth Ceramic Interior: PFOA and PTFE free
  • Exterior: Heat resistant enamel exterior that is easy to clean
  • Aluminum Base: Die-cast aluminum construction
  • Handle: Ergonomically designed Bakelite handles with wood-look accents
  • Compatible with induction as well as gas, electric, and halogen cooktops. However, if using with an induction stovetop, the induction burner diameter should not exceed the diameter of the cookware base for effective triggering of the sensor.


Not recommended for use in the oven as the handles and knobs are not designed for high heat and the beautiful accents may show cracking from heat stress.

The handles can get hot when cooking over the stove elements. Always use pot holders or mitts to protect your hands.


Not the lowest in the budget range.


Are the lids exchangeable between the pots and the pans?

No. The lids of the pots don’t double as lids for the frying pans.

About the Vremi brand

The Vremi company is based in New York City, USA. The cookware is designed in the US but is made overseas (location not given) to give you low-cost goods. This 8 piece set is what they call their Masterpiece Dinner Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set.

Information from the company’s website:

  • All Vremi purchases include a 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied (but we hope you are).
  • 1 year warranty, just in case any shenanigans arise.

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