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I've created these articles covering the best rice cookers to buy, slow cookers, portable induction cookers, kettles, kitchen utensils, and other accessories for cooking healthy hearty meals in a modern kitchen so that they may help you make informed choices. My buyer's guides will take you through everything you need to know when choosing the particular appliance or product. You'll also find how-to articles and answers to frequently asked questions.

Japanese vs German Knives: Which Are Best?

What is the difference between the German Knives vs the Japanese ones? Apart from originating from different countries, here I attempt to explain the intricacies of their differences. Paudin Kitchen Knife made from German steelavailable at Amazon The columnist, Susan Sampson, in her 2009 book on kitchen and cooking secrets (see Amazon) rated the German-style … Read more

Are Ceramic Kettles Safe? What You Must Know

You’re considering an upgrade to an electric kettle. Ceramic kettles are an excellent choice, but are these kettles safe? Here I look at what you need to know about electric ceramic kettles—pros and cons and all about owning them.  Some say that ceramic kettles add matchless appeal to the kitchen. Compared to many others on … Read more