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I've created these articles covering the best rice cookers to buy, slow cookers, portable induction cookers, kettles, kitchen utensils, and other accessories for cooking healthy hearty meals in a modern kitchen so that they may help you make informed choices. My buyer's guides will take you through everything you need to know when choosing the particular appliance or product. You'll also find how-to articles and answers to frequently asked questions.

How to Cook Brown Rice in a Pot or Dish [+ quick rice cooking guide]

You want to enjoy the health benefits of brown rice, right? Cooking it can be tricky. Brown rice is less processed with a bran layer so it’s healthier than white rice, but also a bit ‘chewy’ if not cooked properly. The following has four ways of easily cooking brown rice to get perfect tender results … Read more

Induction Cooktop Vs An Electric Cooktop Vs Gas

What’s good about induction cooktops vs the traditional types? If you’re researching info on a suitable new or replacement stove top, the following may help. Compared to most standard stovetops, induction cookers can have temperature settings numbering to double digits. This means finer adjustment of the heating, especially compared to gas cooktops. Induction cooking has … Read more

How To Clean Crock Pot Inside Out and Top To Bottom

The answer to can you wash a crock pot in the dishwasher is mostly yes. But, not all crock pots or all parts of a crock pot are dishwasher safe. And, the dishwasher doesn’t always do such a great job. Here I give top to bottom instructions on cleaning a slow cooker for a sparkling … Read more