Why Get A Ceramic Grill Cover When You Can Do This

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Should you or should you not get a cover for your ceramic grill? It’s an extra outlay and is it worth getting after all? Here’s the for and against on getting a ceramic grill cover.

a grill left outside has snow gathered on top
A snow cover on a grill, something you might not want on your ceramic grill

Does a Kamado grill need a cover?

No, a Kamado (AKA ceramic grill or Egg) doesn’t need a cover. It’ll get by without one. But a cover will keep it in better shape for longer. I explain why below, along with the drawbacks so you can weigh it all up and make an informed choice on whether to get a grill cover or not.

Why use a ceramic grill cover

The main reason to use a grill cover is to protect the appliance from the elements so the Kamado looks and performs to your satisfaction the next time you want to use it. It means you don’t have to spend as much time giving it a deep clean before you use it and it looks spiffy.

Why do you need a cover for your grill? You need a cover for your grill to protect it from…

  • Bird or animal droppings
  • Dust
  • Rain and wind
  • Snow
  • Morning dew
  • Coastal salt air
  • Sun
  • Pollen
  • Bugs
  • Leaves and twigs
  • Seaspray
  • Exhaust fumes

You don’t want dust blowing in and collecting in spaces in the interior or bug, bird, or animal droppings on the exterior.

Being ceramic, it might not fade but ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can deteriorate the nylon handles and other parts.

Should you cover your grill in winter? You might only want to cover it where and when it snows. Covering your grill in winter to keep the snow off prevents moisture from causing problems like rust and makes it easier to get the grill started if you plan on using it.

It’s an individual thing.

People use covers to winterproof, weatherproof, and block UV light from ceramic grills among other reasons.

It’s a good idea to cover your ceramic grill whenever it’s not in use. It’ll mean you’ll get to enjoy a well maintained ceramic grill. We’ve always used a grill cover at our place and I do recommend it but not everyone enjoys using a grill cover.

Drawbacks of using a grill cover

Having to put a cover over the Kamado or Egg might feel like an inconvenience to you. It’ll depend on how much you use the grill and how often you take the cover off and on. If you are using the grill daily, it can feel like a nuisance and seem much simpler to leave the Kamado uncovered.

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant 22 Inch Kamado Ceramic BBQ Grill Cover
Remembering to put the cover on after the grill has cooled

Then there’s this…because the Kamado needs to cool down before you cover it, it’s an extra thing to do before you retreat for the night or head out during the day. Once you’ve settled in and relaxed after enjoying a BBQ it’s something you may either forget or not feel like doing.

Another problem that people often raise is mold. From what we found, it really only matters when the grill has been covered for an extended time without a proper cleaning. I wrote about techniques for regular care and cleaning of Kamados that will help prevent the growth of mold.

What about: Do grill covers cause rust? You might think covers create condensation and early rusting of metal parts. Keeping these parts oiled will prevent them rusting in any case. Ceramic won’t rust, so you don’t need to worry about that but for keeping condensation away from metal parts, the material of the cover can make a difference (as in breathable vs non breathable).

Grill cover materials

The material options used in grill covers are many and include vinyl, polyurethane, canvas, PVC, and polyester.

Made fromWaterproof BreathableCost
Vinyl, PVCEthylene and chlorineYesNo (will need vents)Cheap
Polyurethane, PUPolyol and diisocyanateYesSomewhatCheap
CanvasCotton, hemp, or linenIf treatedYes but heavy, can do with ventsMore expensive
Oxford FabricPolyesterIf treatedSomewhatFairly cheap
PolyesterEthylene glycol and terephthalic acidIf treatedSomewhatMuch cheaper
Sources: Silver Bobbin and Oxford-fabrics.com

Mini Lustrous Cover for Large Big Green Egg, Heavy Duty Ceramic Grill Cover - Premium Outdoor Grill Cover with Durable and Water Resistant Fabric, Large
Vents for added breathability

Vinyl, polyurethane, polyester and the like are materials that require additives to slow damaging effects of high heat and UV exposure.

The cover materials that are waterproof will repel water rather than hold water on its surface. No moisture will seep through with these types.

Water-resistant means the fabric will repel some water but moisture will seep through especially with heavy rain. A polyurethane coating helps make these waterproof.

Jiesuo Kamado Grill Cover for Kamado Joe Classic Charcoal Grills, Grill Accessories for Kamado Joe, Heavy Duty Waterproof Grill Cover
Waterproof Jiesuo Kamado Grill Cover for Kamado Joe Classic Charcoal Grills
600D polyester with PVC lining
Available at Amazon

The numbering of materials such as polyester 600D refers to the denier (D for denier), which indicates the density of the thread — the higher the number, the thicker the yarn.

Cotton canvas is a heavier material than others listed here.

Where to buy Ceramic Grill Covers

There are quite a few available at Amazon at a good price — see links under images above to shop at Amazon. Sometimes it’s worth checking out the following for weighing up price deals…

You can do this instead…

Instead of using a grill cover, you can simply leave the grill outside when in use and then store it away when not.

Some folk don’t mind leaving the grill outdoors without a cover. Mostly, these folk use the grill often and find it inconvenient to be putting the cover on and off so frequently.

How regular you use it can depend on the season and your lifestyle.

If you don’t intend using your grill over a period, storing it in the garage or shed, on a sheltered patio or somewhere inside your house will keep it away from the elements. But even in these places it can get dust and droppings from creepy crawlies.

So you would benefit from some sort of dust cover. You could use a tarp or a sheet, for example, but the thing about using a proper grill cover is that it fits the shape of the Kamado and so there’s no worry about incomplete coverage.

If you can’t store it indoors, you could buy a cheap cover and put waterproofer on the top so water is repelled there while staying breathable elsewhere. But cheap and sturdy waterproof covers are available…

Mini Lustrous Cover for Large Big Green Egg, Heavy Duty Ceramic Grill Cover - Premium Outdoor Grill Cover with Durable and Water Resistant Fabric, Large
Inexpensive waterproof cover for Large Big Green Egg

600D Oxford fabric with PU coating
Available at Amazon

Sturdy Covers Ceramic Grill Defender - Grill Cover for Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe
Inexpensive universal waterproof cover fits Big Green Egg and Kamado Joes

Available at Amazon

If cost is an issue, a generic cover is less expensive than a brand name and will do the job just as well in most cases, but whether it will last the test of time is something for you to weigh up.

What’s the Best ceramic grill cover

Look for one that’s easy to keep clean and that’s likely to last for several years. Decide whether you need waterproof vs water resistant and consider a breathable type if condensation and rusting parts are a concern.

Make sure you get one that fits the size of your ceramic grill.

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