Ceramic Frying Pan Options. Easy Clean And Versatile Picks

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A nonstick pan helps with reducing fat and oil in your diet and the part I like the most is that it’s easy to clean. Today there are options without Teflon.  Here I cover the different brand features of ceramic frying pans to help you in finding the right one for you.

Best ceramic frying pans, ceramic coated skillets

Here’s the takeaway list of ceramic frying pan options I looked into to check out…

  • Pure and versatileXtrema Pure Ceramic 10″ pan with Lid
    Use with confidence on stovetop or in the oven at very high heat without compromising the cooking surface or emitting toxic chemicals.”
  • TrendingCaraway Fry Pan
    Sexy and cookware aren’t terms we often use together.“~ Food&Wine

Quick Comparison: Top Ceramic frying pans

Item Type Shop
xtrema ceramic skillet
Best for versatility
Solid ceramic base and lid
Stovetop to oven use high heat
Holds heat for table serving
Not for induction
Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Frying Pan (2.7 qt, 10.5") - PTFE & PFOA Free - Oven Safe & Compatible with All Stovetops (Gas, Electric & Induction) - Navy
Best for slickness
Oven safe to 550ºF
Long stainless steel handle
Suits induction
DaTerra Cucina Ceramic 11 inch Fry Pan with Natural Nonstick Coating | Cook Effortlessly on Glasstop, Electric & Gas Stoves with No PTFE, Cadmium, Lead or PFOA Chemicals | Made In Italy
Best with lid
3.7 mm base
Made in Italy
Glass lid
GreenLife Duo**
GreenLife Soft Grip Ceramic Nonstick, Frying Pan/Skillet Set, 7" and 10, Turquoise
Best for budget
10″ and 7″
Thermolon nonstick
No lids
GreenPan Valencia Pro**
GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Induction Safe Ceramic Nonstick, Frying Pan/Skillet Set, 8" and 10", Gray
Best for induction
10″ and 8″
No lids
Induction Cooking
Stainless steel handle
Oven safe to 600ºF
*Available from Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware **Available at Amazon

In the following, I cover the design features and performance that I found with these and more.

Xtrema Pure ceramic skillet

Here’s what I found with the Xtrema. First what you get: a pan with a thick flat base, no metal layers, molded handles, a glazed exterior, and a solid nontransparent lid. It comes with a silicone cover for when you handle it. It tends to get hot.

The thick flat base is good for even heating, but don’t expect the rapid heating with this pan that you would with a metal pan other than cast iron, which heats similarly.

It’s not as heavy as a cast iron skillet but heavier than aluminum types. The thing to like about this design is that it holds the heat which is great for serving food at the table.

And…The entire piece can go into a very hot oven.

The molded handle means there are no rivets or screws to work loose over time and no need to attend to grime or food build up in these places.

A solid lid means it needs lifting to check the cooking. I find glass lids attract condensation and block the view anyway. Note: The lids are loose-fitting, designed to allow excess moisture and pressure to escape.

The cooking surface has a hardened finish. It won’t scratch like the coatings of the nonstick pans but using metal utensils can leave behind gray marks. I found these are superficial and will disappear. Tip: swap metal for bamboo, wooden, or other non-abrasive utensils that don’t leave metal residues. 

What to consider:

Using this skillet is somewhat similar to cooking with a cast iron pan, with the heating aspect. If you are more familiar with aluminum or stainless steel pots and pans, you might need a little adjusting to this style of heating.

Just be aware that both handles will get hot to touch and so make sure to use the silicone sleeve, potholders, or a thick towel when moving the pan after cooking to the bench or table. 

Mishandling (dropping onto a hard surface) or rapid temperature change (e.g. putting a hot pan into cold water) are things to avoid.

The solid ceramic design is suited to gas and electric but not induction.

Price: The pure ceramic skillets are more expensive than the usual nonstick ceramic pans.

See more details and other sized pans + get the latest prices at Xtrema.

Caraway Fry Pan

Caraway Nonstick Ceramic Frying Pan (2.7 qt, 10.5") - Non Toxic, PTFE & PFOA Free - Oven Safe & Compatible with All Stovetops (Gas, Electric & Induction) - Navy
Caraway Fry Pan

Available at Amazon

The brand Caraway prides itself on making naturally non-stick cookware. The coating on their ceramic nonstick — the company claims is free of PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, and other nasties. They also don’t use any form of hard anodization.

Features I love most about the Caraway Fry Pan:

  • Having a stainless steel handle so it can go in a very hot oven (up to 550ºF as per the makers)
  • The handle is long and so the end where you grab stays cool to touch
  • You can use it on all cooktops including induction
  • Easy transfer of food and quick cleanup with the ceramic coating
  • Company claims it is sustainably made

Where to buy Caraway: You can get this at Amazon (see link above) or shop direct from the company…

The Vesuvio Italian ceramic frying pan with lid

What I like about this Italian ceramic frying pan is it has a lid and it is a great size. You can fry 4 eggs at the one time and the eggs will easily slide out of the pan. It holds about two quarts of liquid to about ½” of the brim and the glass lid allows you to view the contents as you cook.

DaTerra Cucina Ceramic 11 inch Fry Pan with Natural Nonstick Coating | Cook Effortlessly on Glasstop, Electric & Gas Stoves with No PTFE, Cadmium, Lead or PFOA Chemicals | Made In Italy
DaTerra Cucina Fry Pan

Available at Amazon

This nonstick product by DaTerra Cucina is suitable for all cooktops except induction.


This pan is designed and made in Italy.

What you get: This a pan has a base of 3.7 mm sandblasted aluminum, which is all about providing fast heating. On top of this is an inner layer to add strength and another to add texture to the upper ceramic coating.

It has a long silicone grip handle that makes if comfortable to handle.

The manufacturer claims the cooking surface is PTFE, PFOA, cadmium, and lead free. And is oven safe to 450º F with the handles and rim of lid covered in a cool-touch silicone with non-slip grip.

Also, a similar ceramic frying pan is available in 13″.


The company offers a money-back warranty for one year.

  • Cooks evenly
  • Easy clean
  • Good fitting see-through lid
  • Sturdy deep construct
  • Light in weight for size
  • Good customer support with instructional videos on how to care and maintain the pan


  • The steel end of the handle can get hot if left positioned over heat
  • Gets ‘sticky’ with use, but good thing is that the performance can be restored
  • Not induction ready

Where to Buy the Vesuvio: You can get this at Amazon (see link above) or from the company itself:

GreenLife Soft Grip ceramic pan set review

GreenLife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Frying Pan/Skillet Set, 7" and 10, Turquoise

All of the best Green Life cookware reviews will tell you that the founding company was one of the early manufacturers promoting ceramics as the safest non stick and today the company still sells some of the best ceramic pans for the money.


The Green Life pans feature the Thermolon ceramic nonstick coating over an aluminum reinforced body for fast and even heat distribution.

The set contains one 7-inch and one 10-inch ceramic frypan. The base dimensions for these are 4 ¾” and 8 ¾” respectively.

This set comes with a lifetime warranty on defects in material or workmanship but not on the non stick coating.

Handles are Bakelite with soft-touch for comfort and ease of lifting. They are oven safe to 350 ºF. While they are listed as dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended.


  • Fresh color
  • Stay cool handles
  • Two pans at a good price


  • The ceramic surface with wear with use over time, especially if care instructions are not followed
  • Open flames can tarnish the exterior and mar the handles if set too high
  • No lids

Where to Buy the Soft Grip by Greenlife: You can get this at Amazon (see above) or your prefered shop:

Valencia GreenPan induction frying pan review

GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Induction Safe Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Frying Pan/Skillet, 12", Gray

As I explain in my buyers guide to cookware, a brand like GreenPan has been a pioneer when it comes to ceramic non stick pans.

You’ll find four sizes from 8″ – 12″ in this frying pan of Green Pan, which is rated oven safe up to 600°F.


Like GreenLife, GreenPan uses Thermolon ceramic coating on its pans. You’ll find it mentioned across the GreenPan ceramic nonstick range I wrote about in my article comparing popular GreenPan designs.

The construct is a hard anodized aluminum with steel handles, which also makes the pans durable and scratch resistant.

With their Magneto base, these are suitable for induction cooktops as well as conventional cooktops.

Handles are riveted stainless steel. Metal handles mean these fry pans are suited to a fast oven.  Manufacturer states these can go in an oven or broiler up to 600ºF. Though, most non-Teflon pans, keep to the low to medium heat range to extend their life. They are good non stick pans but like the GreenLife set, they don’t come with lids. If you are like me, I prefer to have a cover for the larger pans.


  • Excellent heat distribution on all types of stovetops 
  • Long handles


  • Handles may be hot to touch. Positioning the pan so that the handles are not overhanging heated areas of the stove top will help
  • Need care in cleaning around riveted areas where grime can build up
  • No lids

Where to buy the Valencia fry pan by Greenpan: It’s available at Amazon (see above) or your prefered shop:

Tips on choosing a ceramic coated frying pan

The color might be the first thing that attracts you in choosing a pan. You will be thinking about complementing your kitchen’s theme. But to choose the right ceramic skillet for you, consider the design and performance as these things are important for satisfaction in the home kitchen.

Do you just want a pan for frying eggs or doing more? If you are like me, you’d like at least one good-sized fry pan with a lid for versatility. For example, you can use the lid in poaching eggs or wilting spinach, or to cover cooked foods while waiting to serve them at the table.

Designs of ceramic fry pans

Ceramic frying pans come in various designs. Things to consider when looking for a frying pan for home:

  • The length, shape, and material of the handle. Will it give you comfort and safety in handling the pan?
  • The size of the pan base. Does it match your cooking element? (Important if you have an induction cooktop). Does it suit your family size?
  • The material of the base. Is it light or heavy? Do you need it to be induction compatible?
  • Layers in the base. Will distribute heat rapidly and without hot spots?
  • Does it have a lid for more versatility in cooking and serving food?
  • The quality of the coatings. Is it a durable frying pan and PTFE-free choice?

I cover more of what to look for if looking for a new or replacement set in my cookware buying guide.

Performance and design

A metal layer in the base will conduct heat fast and evenly so your food cooks how you want it. A lightweight product is comfortable to handle. Quality ceramic nonstick coatings will mean the pan remains super easy to clean and displays durability, lasting you a lot longer than cheaper quality brands.

About ceramic coatings

You’re probably wondering about the ceramic coating… I get that. For more info, see my article about the making of ceramic cookware.

You should definitely avoid PFOA 2 – perfluorooctanoic acid — also known as C8. This is a synthetic compound that has been used in the traditional non-stick coating, Teflon. It persists in the environment and is harmful to animals and humans.

See my article on the best material choices in cookware.

Avoid scratching your ceramic pans

If you look after them and keep them safe from accidental scratches, the ceramic-coated pans will last you longer than average. I cover how to best care for these in my article on how to use, care and store nonstick pans.


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