100% Ceramic Cookware: Xtrema Brand Options

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In looking for pure ceramic cookware, Xtrema is one brand you might be considering. Here I look at the good and the bad about this all ceramic (not to be confused with ceramic coated cookware) range to help you decide on whether it’s right for you.

xtreme ceramic cookware skillet
Xtrema ceramic cookware

The thing I love about the Xtrema range, apart from being a 100% natural product, is it can go from stovetop to table for serving, and then to the refrigerator for storage. Not having to use extra containers that need cleaning afterward saves me time and handling and I like that idea.

Xtrema cookware is one range that is fully ceramic. This is what this fully ceramic cookware is good for…

  • Cooking casseroles, stews, soups, gravies, eggs, pancakes, and fish.
  • All stovetops (except induction)
  • Oven use with highest heat
  • Locking in flavor and purity of taste
  • Convenience with cooking, serving, and storing food in the same container
  • Microwave use

Where is Xtrema cookware made?

The manufacturer of Xtrema is Ceramcor, a US company with over 50 years experience in the ceramics industry. 

The manufacturing facilities of Ceramcor cookware are in Southern China, which is a place that ranks #1 in the world for crafting of ceramics. It’s where historic crafters honed the art of ceramics for tens of thousands of years.

Xtrema’s cookware designs

The two main Xtrema cookware designs are the long-handled style, Traditions, and the double handled, Versa


A long-handled 100% ceramic pan

10-Inch Traditions Skillet with Lid


A short handle on either side

8-Inch Versa Braiser with Lid

Single pots

You can buy just a single pot, pan, or skillet to add to or replace any pieces of your existing cookware.

In the singles, pot sizes range from 16-oz through to 8-quart.

Cookware sets

You can choose between a 3-piece and up to a 12-piece Xtrema ceramic cookware set that include pots and skillets with lids and silicone handle holders.

Arrangements change from time to time. So best to check for the latest offers to see what’s on offer in this authentic ceramic cookware range at Xtrema.

Xtrema ceramic cookware

Pros and cons of Xtrema 100 ceramic cookware

Here’s what to know about the Xtrema cookware, starting with the benefits of this type of cookware and then the downsides for you to weight up.

What I like

The features I like about Xtrema ceramic cookware…

100% ceramic cookware, Xtrema review
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  1. Pure clay
    The cookware is made of pure ceramic clay. The company’s lab tests show that the cookware is free of nasty chemicals, and complies with standards for sale of cookware in the US.
  2. Durable
    Molded handles mean there are no rivets or screws to work loose over time.
  3. Easy to clean
    A glazed ceramic finish means it is super easy to clean. Having no joins or rivets means no grime build up.
  4. Lightweight
    It’s relatively lightweight. They are lighter than cast iron cookware. The long handles means I can comfortably transfer the food from the stove to the countertop or table.
  5. Nonreactive
    The cookware is nonreactive, which means my favorite food won’t be tainted from metal or other residues that can leach from cookware when cooking the likes of acidic tomatoes and citrus.
  6. One-pot versatility & convenience
    I can take it from the stove-top to the table and then, when done, store the leftovers in the same container in the refrigerator. They can also go direct from stovetop to oven.

    You don’t need an assortment of other kitchenware. They’re good for cooking, baking, serving, and storing of food, all in the one pot. To me, this means less hassle and fewer dishes to clean. It’s a convenience that means more time for the things I enjoy.

    Note: These pots and pans will keep your food warmer than conventional containers when waiting to serve food that is ready to be eaten.
  7. High heat resistance
    It is heat resistant up to a whopping 2500 ºF. So…no worries about putting that pot in the oven…I can put the whole unit (lid and handle included) straight into a very hot oven without any qualms.
  8. Earth-friendly
    Xtrema mold their 100 ceramic cookware from natural clay and finish it with a natural ceramic glaze. The company claims their 100 ceramic cookware contains no extractable lead or other harmful metals nor PFTE or PFOA — I wrote about the concerns with these in my article comparing ceramic with Teflon.

Before leaving our manufacturing facility, every shipment is inspected and tested for the presence of heavy metals. Xtrema® cookware is also FDA compliant and meets California Prop 65 standards, certifying that it is free of more than 800 compounds that may cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.

Xtrema website, 2022

Author of Toxic Free and Home Safe Home (at Amazon), Debra Lynn Dadd, had this to say about Xtrema “it doesn’t leach any toxic chemical or heavy metals into your food”.

Xtrema® is endorsed by physicians, homeopathic providers, integrative medicine practitioners and health bloggers around the world.

Ceramcor, Manufacturers of Xtrema

What’s not to like…

Here’s what I found were downsides, or what you might find as downsides, in using this solid ceramic cookware…

  1. Cooking style
    Having no metal layers means heating is not as rapid as my stainless steel cookware.
  2. Solid lids
    The lids of this pure ceramic cookware are not clear view glass. You will need to lift the lid to view the food cooking. I don’t have a problem with this as I lift glass lids anyway as heating causes condensation blocking the clear view. 
  3. Not for induction
    No metal layers mean they are not usable on induction cooktops. You’ll find suitable cookware for this in my guide on the best cookware for induction cooktops.
  4. Hot to handle
    Just be aware that the handles may get hot to touch if positioned over a heat source. When lifting the lid or moving the pot always use potholders for comfort. As well, when cooking, position the long handles on the cooktop so that they are not over the hot element.
  5. Don’t bounce
    You need to treat these as you would ceramic bakeware or mug or glass bowl. Because they are solid ceramic, they will crack if dropped on a hard surface or you hit them with heavy force. (The company covers breakage resulting from thermal shock only under a 10-year warranty).
  6. Price
    More expensive than standard metal cookware types. However, with the right use, care, and storage, it’s something that will last you a lifetime.

Where to buy

Where can I buy Xtrema cookware? You can buy Xtrema cookware online. At times it appears on Amazon! But there’s more to see at the Xtrema company itself, where you’ll also find heavily discounted offers at times! Here’s the link: Check for Xtrema cookware sale offers.

Why choose Xtrema? This has to do with the ceramic cooking pots benefits…The main appeal of course is that it is 100 percent ceramic with no metal elements.

Other reasons you might choose Xtrema are that their pots and pans are nicely glazed and 100% scratch resistant. They are easy to clean and durable. But, also you have convenience of using one pot for cooking, serving, and storing — means you save on the need for other containers and there’s much less cleanup afterward.


  • 50-year warranty against breakage during cooking & scratching
  • 100% natural. No leaching chemicals.
  • Locks in flavor and goodness. Cooks thoroughly.
  • Rivet free smooth surface. Easy cleanup. No seasoning.
  • Can be used in the microwave.
  • Use the same pot on the stove, table, and in storing food.
  • Oven and stovetop safe to 2500 °F


  • Not for cooking that requires fast, high heat distribution
  • Handles may get hot with high heat
  • Not as lightweight as the ceramic non-stick type
  • More expensive than metal types
  • Fragile if dropped on a hard surface
Xtrema ceramic cookware

Final thoughts

Being 100% ceramic means no metal layers. So, not only can the pots be used on the stovetop and oven, but they can also go in the microwave.

This pure ceramic cookware is designed for cooking, serving, and storing – all in the one pot for complete convenience and ease of presentation and cleanup. It is also great for locking in pure taste and goodness in cooking.

It can go on top of the stove, under the broiler, in the dishwasher, and in the refrigerator or freezer. Can be used on a stovetop, oven, microwave, toaster oven, in a convection oven, steamer oven, and grill.

As other Xtrema cookware reviews will likely tell you, this 100% ceramic product can be more expensive than other cookware — like the T-fal Initiatives I reviewed, but its long life can make it a worthwhile investment.


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