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100% Ceramic Cookware: Xtrema Cookware Set Review

All Ceramic Cookware: Xtrema 100% Ceramic


This cookware is pure ceramic. Not to be confused with the nonstick cookware, this one is 100% ceramic and the surface will not wear. It is 100% non-scratch and with care should last you a life time!

You can choose your style of handle, a long handle range like the Traditions or a short handle on each side of the ware like the Versa range.

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These will make a nice healthy addition or replacement to your traditional cookware set. The beauty of them is that they will last a lifetime and are versatile to use for cooking, serving, and then storing in the one container.

The 100% natural ceramic cookware is best for slow cooking styles. It is perfect for oven use as it can withstand very high temperatures and will last you a lifetime with care.

The 100% ceramic cookware has all of the features listed for the non-stick ceramic cookware (minus rapid heating), plus the following:

  • Higher heat and scratch resistance
  • More versatile. Can be used in the oven, microwave, and then as a serving dish or storage in refrigerator or freezer
  • Totally recyclable
  • More durable and long-lasting
  • Best for slow cooking

The Xtrema 100% Ceramic Cookware Design

The Xtrema cookware set oozes style and functionality. It is light-weight pressure cast ceramic with a scratch-proof ceramic glaze finish.

The manufacturer is Ceramcor, one of the most eco-friendly and healthiest cookware brands providing 100% ceramic cookware. Ceramcor is an American company with manufacturing facilities in Southern China, where the craft of ceramics has been honed over 1000s of years.

The pots are versatile, designed for cooking, serving, and storing of food, all in the one pot, saving on clean up and minimizing the need for various other kitchen ware.

I just love that they are designed so that you can take the cookware directly from the stove-top to the table for serving and then later store the leftovers in the same container. To me, this means less hassle and fewer dishes to clean.

The pots are versatile, designed for cooking, serving, and storing of food…saving on clean up and minimizing the need for various other kitchen ware

The pieces are designed for very high heat resistance (up to 2500 ºF). The whole unit of each pot (lid and handle included) can be used in hot ovens.

Also, the cookware is rivet free with molded handles, so there you’ll have no worries about hygiene and cleaning around any riveted areas.


Eco-friendly cookware. This 100 percent ceramic cookware is made of molded natural clay and finished with a natural ceramic glaze. The design feature to love about this set is its pure ceramic nature, which means it’s totally recyclable and eco-friendly. It is 100% natural and guaranteed non-toxic with no lead or any other harmful metals. So being 100% ceramic, there is no potential for leaching of nasty chemicals like PFTE or PFOA.

Being 100% ceramic, there is no potential for leaching of nasty chemicals like PFTE or PFOA.

As far as energy consumption in the manufacture of ceramics, the most energy-intensive area is the firing and drying of the clay. It is considered less energy intensive than the manufacture of primary metals.

Lightweight pots. This solid ceramic cookware is relatively lightweight. While the ceramic pots are much lighter than cast iron types, they are slightly heavier than aluminum or other metal containers, however.

They are 100% non-scratch

Insulation. As a bonus, it will keep your food warmer than conventional containers when waiting to serve food that is ready to be eaten.

Functionality – Stove to table cookware. After mealtime, the remaining food can be simply covered with the lid and put in the refrigerator in the same cookware container. Voila!

The cookware has a 50-year warranty and is 100% non-scratch.

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The Xtrema Pure Ceramic Cookware is Best For…

Slow cooking. But you can still cook everything from eggs, meat, oatmeal, to vegetables using this product. The best part – it perfectly locks in flavor without the harmful chemicals.

Pure ceramic cookware, like the Xtrema range, locks in flavor and nutrition in the foods you cook. They are ideal for wholesome slow cooked meals or meals in a dish that can go from stovetop or oven to the table, all in the same ware.

Pure taste. If you want to avoid toxins and metals entering your food, then go no further than this 100% ceramic cookware. This cookware is free of PTFE, PFOA, lead and other harmful additives, making it the safest to choose. It is especially the safest cookware for tomato-based soups/casseroles or cream sauces. You may not realize the adverse effect of metal on the taste and wholesomeness of this food.

Versatility. Rather than that old faithful metal pot, use this non-reactive cookware for cooking, serving, and storing the types of food that are acidic. The Xtrema ceramic pots are perfect for this as they are metal-free and can be used for all three purposes: cooking, storing, and serving. The pots are also microwave-safe.

Oven cooking. This Xtrema 100% ceramic cookware set is said to withstand high temperatures (up to 2500 ºF), and so is ideal for oven cooking.

Main Features of the Xtrema Cookware

The five basics of good cookware:

Thick Base. The Xtrema cookware has a thick flat base. It is 100% ceramic cookware, meaning no metal layers. For this reason, heating is not as rapid as aluminum based cookware and on gas stove burners and electric coils without a center heat force, the center of the base will take longer to heat up than the rest of the base.

Sturdy Handles. Molded handles make these sturdy. There are no rivets or screws to work loose over time. The long handles allow you to safely transfer the food from the stove to the kitchen bench or table. Just be aware that the handles may get hot to touch if positioned over a heat source. It is best to use potholders, and these are supplied in this set. When lifting always use the potholders for safety. As well, when cooking, position the long handles on the cooktop so that they are not over the hot element.

Exterior Finish. The outer surface of the Xtrema set is hardened and is 100% non-scratch. It is a glazed ceramic finish that resists stains and will be super easy to clean.

Clear View Lids. The lids of this pure ceramic cookware are not glass. So, you will need to lift the lid for a clear view of the cooking process. I don’t have a problem with this as I find I lift glass lids anyway with heat causing condensation that hinders the clear viewing anyway. The lids are loose fitting but still lock in flavor while allowing the escape of excess moisture.

Oven Safe. The great thing is that, because they are 100% ceramic, they are perfect for the oven, resisting higher temperatures than their counterparts. This Xtrema ceramic pots and lids are suited to hot oven cooking as they can withstand temperatures up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Things to Love in a Nutshell

This pure ceramic cookware has all of the features of non-stick ceramic cookware (with the exception of rapid heating), plus more.

✓ Totally recyclable because they are 100% ceramic pans
✓ Eco friendly ceramic cookware sets
✓ Durable and long-lasting ceramic pots with lids
✓ Best for slow cooking
✓ Super easy to clean
✓ Healthy cooking with reduced fat and oil requirements in cooking
✓ Even cooking once properly heated
✓ Free of hazardous PTFE & PFOA*
✓ Non-reactive with acids. So, no leaching of toxins into your food*
✓ Proven to have no metals and guaranteed non-toxic

*qualities that make these preferable to other non-stick cookware. These are the real ceramic cookware.

This product is versatile. It can go on top of the stove, under the broiler, in the dishwasher, and in the refrigerator or freezer.

Can be used on a stovetop, oven, microwave, toaster oven, in a convection oven, steamer oven, and grill.

Care and Cleaning

With proper care, this cookware set will last you a lifetime.

Before first use. There is no need for seasoning of this product, just a soapy wash and rinse first up and you are ready to go!

Cleaning. The surface of the cookware is tough and easy to clean. All that is needed to clean the ceramic finish is a nylon brush or a pad like the SOS, Comet, or Scotch Brite types. Note: This item is dishwasher safe, but I recommend handwashing for longevity. IMPORTANT: Mind you, this applies to all types of cookware: Do not pour cold water on the product while it is still warm or hot. Allow to cool and then use warm or hot water.

Utensils. Because the surface of this 100% ceramic cookware is hardened, metal utensils won’t leave scratches but rather gray marks (the ceramic is tougher than the metal alloy). So, always use wooden or nylon utensils when cooking with ceramic cookware. This set comes with a 3-piece nylon tool set.

Storage. You should store the ceramic pots separately rather than nesting them and place the individual lid upside-down on the respective pot to avoid damage.

✅ 50-year warranty  against heat shock breakage during cooking and against scratching
✅ 100% natural and non toxic
✅ Rivet free smooth surface
✅ Use the same pot on stove, table and in storing food
✅ Scratch free finish
✅ Oven and stovetop safe to 2500 °F
✋ Not for cooking that requires fast, high heat distribution
✋ Handles may get hot at high heat
✋ No frying pan in the set

If you decide on an Xtrema skillet for frying or searing, make sure to add a smidgen of grapeseed oil or other high-temperature oil when using it to cook eggs or shallow fry bacon etc. Always apply your oil first before heating the pan or skillet and add more as needed to prevent food from sticking.

Looking for a 100% ceramic pan?

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Final Thoughts on the Xtrema Cookware

The 100% ceramic cookware has absolutely no metal layers and is guaranteed non toxic ceramic cookware. It is not entirely non-stick however with slight greasing of the pan needed. These are good cookware sets for slow cooking and for cooking, serving, and storing in the one vessel = less to clean.

It can be confusing choosing the best cooking pots. The cost and quality of 100% natural put these type in the high end cookware range.

Remember…this cookware will last you a lifetime with care.

It is designed for cooking, serving, and storing – all in the one pot for complete convenience and ease of presentation and cleanup. It is also great for locking in pure taste and goodness in cooking.

Being 100% ceramic means no metal layers. So, not only can the pots be used on the stove top and oven, but they can also go in the microwave. However, if your cooking style requires rapid heating on the stovetop, you might want to check out the ceramic non stick cookware,  as the best pans for you are ones with metal layers.

As is most likely stated in other Xtrema cookware reviews, this 100% ceramic product can be more expensive than other ceramic types – the ceramic coated cookware, like the T-fal Initiatives, but its durability, and its long life, as well as the healthy cooking that it offers, make it a worthwhile investment.

The thing I love the most, apart from it being a 100% natural product,  is its functionality. That is, being able to take it from stovetop to the table for serving and then to the refrigerator for storage. Consider 100% ceramic for healthy cooking, style, and versatility.

Where to Buy Xtrema Cookware

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