Xtrema Cookware: Ceramic Skillets And Frying Pans

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Wanting a durable and healthy cookware option? Nonstick surfaces have a limited lifespan and metallic cooking surfaces leach metals into your food. Then you have the 100% ceramic skillet by the Xtrema Cookware company…

Why choose Xtrema ceramic Skillets?

All Xtrema cookware, including their frying pans and skillets, are made from pure ceramic. They are an all-natural product, durable, and free of metals and nasty chemicals.

The clay is fired at extremely high heat to make the surface tough on these items — so no scratches likely from even your sharpest knife. The products are among the few pans that can handle very high heat on both the stovetop and the oven. Xtrema all-natural ceramic cookware are oven, stovetop, and fridge safe as well as microwave oven safe and dishwasher safe.

The 100% ceramic range is versatile. The pans can go from stovetop to oven to table and then onto the refrigerator to store the leftovers. You can use them for baking, roasting, broiling, searing, and sautéing your food – basically all the methods for cooking meat and vegetables, and more.

Is Xtrema cookware safe?

Pure ceramic means no metals or toxins leaching into your food, making Xtrema cookware a truly safe option. The glaze is lead-free and of food-grade quality–so no nasty chemicals, a position backed up by the manufacturer of Xtrema on their testing page with third-party laboratory results.

Ceramic offers a healthy alternative to metal and non-stick cookware. The earliest use of ceramic cookware dates back tens of thousands of years, indicating the tried and tested suitability of ceramic as a safe cookware material.

With aluminum, stainless steel, or cast iron cookware, minute amounts of metals can leach into the food while cooking (see my article on cookware material). Yes, even stainless steel cookware can leach metals, but nickel-free options are available, as covered in my stainless steel buyers guide.

Cooking with 100% pure ceramic

The trick with cooking with an all-natural ceramic frying pan is to warm the pan first for a few minutes on low heat, then spray or spritz a small amount of cooking oil onto the cooking surface. A smidgen is all you need, but go ahead and add what you wish to suit your taste or cooking style.

The Xtrema ceramic cookware range is heat resistant to very high temperatures, so you won’t need to worry about oil or high heat ruining your pan as you would with some nonstick ceramic pans — to get the most out of nonstick see my guide to nonstick use and care.

Once heated, pure ceramic frying pans hold the heat and so save on power usage. This is not unlike cast iron skillets, as explained in my write-up on the best cast-iron skillets for glass cooktops.

frying pans / skillets / Sauté pans — Xtrema cookware reviews

Here, I start with skillets / frying pans / sauté pans in the Traditions range. You’ll find the main features of this range compared to the Xtrema Versa design in my guide to Xtrema 100% ceramic cookware sets — primarily it’s the handles.

All pieces in the Xtrema frying pan range use radiant heat to cook ingredients inside and out. This compares with induction heating. And so, being 100% ceramic, the Xtrema frying pans aren’t compatible cookware for use on an induction cooktop.

Xtrema Traditions frying pan 9.5-inch

I’d describe this item as a handy piece of cookware for any home kitchen — a go to pan.

The difference you find with this unit is that it is flared. The design makes it easy to transfer food from pan to plate. This 9.5-inch Traditions frying pan has a wide base allowing you to cook a variety of dishes. It is versatile and simple.

Other features to love about this item:

  • lightweight
  • super durable
  • easy to clean

You will find the price matches what you’d expect to pay for a quality item.

Xtrema 8- and 10-inch Traditions skillets with lids

These Traditions skillets have long handles.

Pretty much what I have stated above in terms of versatility, heating and cleaning, and general care, applies to these units.

Best for…

These skillets are also perfect for reheating leftovers for lunch and for serving eggs and sausages or bacon for breakfast. They are also great for cooking an omelette or for pancakes.

The difference is they are bigger and having a lid makes them ideal for holding in the steam with poached eggs or to wilt kale or spinach etc.

A lid is also great to have for storing food in the skillet or holding the heat in the pan while on the table for serving. The versatility of Xtrema cookware means these items can go from stove to table to refrigerator.


Expect to pay more than you would for an aluminum pan. See the latest price at Xtrema…

Versa ceramic skillet 8- to 12-inch

The range of Xtrema skillets includes not only the Traditions but also the Versa.

The main difference between the two is that the Versa features two short handles, one on each side of the skillet, while the Traditions (as the name implies) has one long handle much like a traditional skillet.

These are also referred to as braiser pans…

The great thing about these is you can use them to bake, broil, sear, sauté and then serve your food at the dining table, and even store left overs in the same container in the refrigerator for later.

You can choose from three sizes, 8, 10, and 12 inch.

Frying With Pure Ceramic Cookware

The 100% ceramic cookware is not entirely non-stick however with slight greasing of the pan needed. 

If you decide on an Xtrema skillet for frying or searing, make sure to add a smidgen of grapeseed oil or other high-temperature oil when using it to cook eggs or shallow fry bacon, etc. Always apply your oil first before heating the pan or skillet and add more as needed to prevent food from sticking.

These are good cookware sets for slow cooking and for cooking, serving, and storing in the one vessel = less to clean. Because they heat slower than metal pans of stainless steel or aluminum, you will need to allow a few minutes more for this heating when cooking. They will also retain their heat longer than the conventional metal pans.

Cleaning and general care of Xtrema frying pans

An advantage: The Xtrema 100 percent ceramic skillets have handles molded with the pan, so there are no areas around rivets that collect grime. This is so much better for hygiene and simplifies clean up.

Xtrema frying pan designs are dishwasher safe. But, I recommend hand washing to avoid damage from dishwasher arms. They are easy to clean using a nonabrasive sponge. And, you’ll have it ready to use without waiting for the dishwasher cycle to complete.

One thing, for longevity, take care with storing. In other words, avoid stacking; otherwise, you may want to look at using pot protectors, either using towels, paper, or buying these ready made.

Like all pans, avoid extreme change in temperature, from hot to cold or vice versa, so as to reduce the risk of damage. In the case of ceramic and glass, this is cracking, and in the case of metal pans, warping.

10-year warranty Xtrema Cookware

Xtrema offers a limited 10-year warranty on all its cookware. This covers you against breakage resulting from thermal shock or faulty craftsmanship.

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