GreenPan Cookware Reviews: 6 Best Ceramic Designs

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With all the GreenPan cookware designs in the ceramic nonstick range, you might be wondering which GreenPan line is best and how the designs compare? These GreenPan cookware reviews look at the ceramic nonstick designs that are popular right now, reviewing and comparing six sets in this range.

GreenPan Brand Designs

If you are considering GreenPan for your new purchase, then this buying guide is for you.

The below table gives an overview of modern GreenPan non stick cookware sets, in order of decreasing retail price. You’ll find a more detailed look of each further down.

Comparison chart of Designs*

GreenPan Chatham Ceramic Non-Stick Open Frypan Set, 8" and 10", Grey -
Valencia Pro
Advanced nonstick
Glass lids
Induction ready
GreenPan Valencia Pro Hard Anodized Induction Safe Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 11-Piece, Gray
Paris Pro
Advanced nonstick
S/Steel lids
Not induction
GreenPan Chatham Ceramic Non-Stick Open Frypan Set, 8" and 10", Grey -
Advanced nonstick
Glass lids
Not induction
GreenPan Prime Midnight Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 11-Piece, Black
Prime Midnight

Advanced nonstick
Glass lids
S/steel steamer
Not induction
GreenPan Lima Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 12 Piece, Gray

Advanced nonstick
Glass lids
S/steel steamer
Not induction
Bamboo utensils
GreenPan Rio Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots and Pans Set, 16-Piece, Turquoise

Advanced nonstick
Glass lids
S/steel steamer
Bamboo utensils

I have a similar article covering Bialetti designs.

Overview Of GreenPan Designs

The brand, GreenPan, started in Belgium in 2007 with its famous healthy cookware line.

Since then, the GreenPan company has expanded worldwide and today, it is well known in the US for its ceramic nonstick cookware.

Best GreenPan line in Ceramic Cookware

Why choose ceramic over other nonstick cooking surfaces? I cover this in my article on ceramic vs Teflon nonstick coating.

But basically, a ceramic coating is considered more eco-friendly and to have no potential health concerns. I go deeper into this in my post on ‘is ceramic nonstick cookware safe?’. 

Why choose GreenPan ceramic cookware?

Is GreenPan good? GreenPan is good in that it has advanced its cookware to feature diamond reinforced ceramic coating and hard anodized exteriors for all round scratch-resistance, stainless steel handles for safe hot oven use, and a heavy gauged construction for quick and even heating.

Is GreenPan PTFE free? GreenPan ceramic cookware contains no PFAS, PTFE, or PFOA compounds. As highlighted in other GreenPan cookware reviews, GreenPan’s whole reason for starting in 2007 was to make nonstick cookware without the toxins.

If you are not sure what the letters like PFAS or PFOA stand for, go check out my article explaining a heap of terms relating to cooking and cookware. You’ll also find a whole bunch of information about PFAS on the government’s environmental protection agency site.

The GreenPan pots and pans have a special ceramic coating – Thermolon – that gives the cookware its toughened nonstick surface.

What makes Thermolon special…this video helps explain…

GreenPan offers a limited* lifetime warranty with all designs I have listed. *My article on cookware warranties explains what this can mean.

Which is the best Greenpan set?

Which GreenPan is best? They will all have advantages or disadvantages, depending on what you want in a set. So let’s start by comparing four designs that are popular right now.

Chatham Vs Paris Pro Vs Valencia Pro Vs Prime Midnight, GreenPan cookware reviews

These four have similar features. It’s worth comparing them to help you make the right choice for your personal style and type of cooking. One feature they have in common is that they are a ceramic nonstick design that can handle high heat.

I cover the Lima and Rio, which aren’t suited to high heat use, in the review section further down.

Chatham Vs Paris Pro Vs Valencia Pro Vs Prime Midnight

  • Valencia Pro
  • Paris Pro
  • Chatham
  • Prime Midnight

These four GreenPan designs all have heavy-gauge forged aluminum in the base to ensure excellent heat distribution.

They all have hard anodizing, providing a toughness greater than that of stainless steel.

They all feature the Thermolon nonstick ceramic coating with the upgraded metal-utensil-safe technology.

They all have lids with U-shaped stainless steel handles designed for secure grip.

They all have pots and pans with long stainless steel handles, meaning you get to use the cookware in the oven under higher temperatures than most others.

Quick Overview of Design Similarities

Greenpan cookware reviews, 6 ceramic nonstick designs, Pros of GreenPan Cookware

So how do these four stack-up otherwise? What sets them apart? How do they differ?

The Lids

Three have tempered glass lids. This allows monitoring of the food while cooking without lifting the lid and releasing heat and steam.

In contrast, the Paris Pro design involves stainless steel lids. Why? The advantage: the whole unit can be used in a very hot oven. It can go from stovetop to oven with the lid.

Oven Use

The manufacturer states the pots and pans are safe to use in an oven up to 600 °F (315 ºC). In the three designs with glass lids, use of the lid in the oven is only safe up to 420 ºF (215 ºC).

The Paris Pro stands apart in this regard – a pot or pan of this design, having a stainless steel lid, is safe as a complete unit in a very hot oven (up to 600 °F).

So, use in a hot to very hot oven, based on NIST conversions, is safe for all bases, while the lid use depends on the type of design.

Stovetop Use

All four GreenPan cookware designs listed here are suitable for conventional stovetops, including electric, gas, ceramic, and glass.

Only the Valencia Pro is induction ready – I cover other popular induction cookware here.

Quick Overview of Design Differences

DesignColorLidOven Safe to 600ºFPceInduction
No. of PotsNo. of PansSteamer
Valencia ProGray ceramicGlass lidsBase
oven safe to 600ºF
11 pceInduction ready4 pots3 pansNo steamer
Paris ProGray ceramicS/steel lidsBase + lid oven safe to 600ºF11 pceNot induction4 pots3 pansNo steamer
ChathamGray ceramicGlass lidsBase oven safe to 600ºF10 pceNot induction3 pots3 pansNo steamer
Prime MidnightBlack ceramicGlass lidsBase oven safe to 600ºF11 pceNot induction3 pots3 pansSteamer

GreenPan Cookware Reviews

The following reviews the four popular Greenpan types…

Valencia Pro 11-pce Greenpan Cookware Review

This 11-piece gray set offers 4 pans (one with lid) and 3 pots (with lids) in various sizes.

Cookware set for GreenPan Valencia Pro Reviews
Click for details at Amazon

It can be used on all stovetops including induction cookers. As noted in other Greenpan Valencia reviews, this is the stand out feature of this set and the reason, you pay a little bit more for it.

The Valencia Pro is best for…

…induction cooking.

It features Magneto™ technology to make the product induction-ready. This design incorporates magnetic iron and copper into the base layer.

The lids are tempered glass so, like others, you can view the pot contents while cooking but they are not suitable under very hot heat in the oven.


This set is mid to high range but it’s what you’d expect for an induction set. Check out the price at Amazon and GreenPan Valencia Pro reviews of verified users — See details

Paris Pro 11-Piece GreenPan Cookware Review

The Paris Pro design is a stylish nonstick set with a modern bluish-gray look!

Paris Pro ceramic cookware review
Click for price at Amazon

This 11-piece GreenPan Paris Pro is up there in price with the Valencia Pro, with its versatility and visual appeal.

Like the Valencia Pro, the handles are designed to minimize heat transfer.

This set shown has 4 pans (one with lid) and 3 pots with lids. In need of a GreenPan frying pan? There are three to choose from plus a deep sauté pan with lid.

The GreenPan Paris Pro cookware is best for…

…stovetop to very hot oven use. Not only is the GreenPan pot and pan design good looking, but each complete unit (vessel and lid) is versatile in that the pot or pan can go into a very hot oven, with its lid, because it’s made of stainless steel.


This set is mid to high range but you’re paying for stainless steel lids and convenience of stovetop to hot oven use. Check out the price at Amazon– See details

GreenPan Chatham Cookware Review

The GreenPan Chatham design is better priced than the above two. It has one less pan.

The 10-piece Chatham cookware set has 3 pans (one with lid) and 3 pots (with lids).

Chatham 10-piece GreenPan Review
Click for price at Amazon

The GreenPan Chatham cookware is best for…

…. less mess when pouring and handles contoured for secure grip. The pots and pans all feature drip free rims for easy pouring.

Price is comparable mid-range with respect to others here. It’s available at Amazon, where you can check the latest price — See details.

Prime Midnight Ceramic Nonstick by GreenPan Cookware

The GreenPan Prime Midnight design is similarly priced to the Chatham. This cookware set is exclusive to Amazon and features black ceramic coating and exterior.

GreenPan Prime Midnight exclusive to Amazon
Click for price at Amazon

The 11-piece cookware set has an assortment of pots (3) and pans (3) much like the Chatham, but it has one more piece – a stainless steel steamer, making this set 11 pieces rather than 10 for a similar price.

The GreenPan Prime Midnight cookware is best for…

… Like the Chatham, the pans have drip free rims for easy pouring. As a plus, the set includes a stainless steel steamer. And, the black color is quite distinct.

Check out the reviews by verified owners at Amazon – See details.

Cons Across All 4 Nonstick Pan Designs

While durable, the stainless steel handles can be hot to touch. It’s always best to use pot holders when moving pots and pans from stovetop or oven to bench or sink. The same applies when removing the lids during or immediately after cooking.

Riveted areas can attract buildup of food – take care of cleaning around these. Plus, all nonstick surfaces need care to avoid scratches and wear. For the best ways of lengthening the life of your nonstick cookware, see my article on how to stop your nonstick pan from getting scratched.

The Classic GreenPan Designs

These carry the classic Thermolon ceramic coating.

The GreenPan Lima Cookware Review

The Lima range has the classic Thermolon surface for nonstick cooking. It also has stainless steel handles and is oven safe up to 600°F without lid (with lid up to 420°F).

10-pce GreenPan Lima Cookware Review
Click for price at Amazon

Lima comes in sets that contain pots and pans (with lids, a stainless steel steamer, and utensils. The bluish gray ceramic coating appears to be the classic Thermolon rather than the advanced metal-utensil safe version. Which is probably why it is a lower price that the four listed above.

GreenPan cookware designs with advance ceramic coating for healthy cookware and easy cleanup. Scratch resistance technology is an advance seen with the GreenPan special ceramic coating, Thermolon.

The addition of bamboo utensils is an upside as is the stainless steel steamer, which is not only great for retaining nutrition in foods but it also reduces the number of cooking elements needed and thus helps save on energy costs.

The handles are riveted, so care is needed in cleaning in these areas where grime can collect. Otherwise, the nonstick surface means easy cleaning.

Lids being clear allow viewing of contents while cooking.

Not for induction cooktops.

Rio Nonstick GreenPan Cookware Review

As a “starter” cookware set, GreenPan Rio is a good choice.

The GreenPan Rio Cookware Set has both an interior and exterior coating of the classic Thermolon ceramic coating and comes in a choice of three colors: turquoise, black, or red. The ceramic nonstick cooking surface is white.

Watch the video to get a closer look at the GreenPan nonstick features…

The Rio GreenPan ceramic cookware set is best for…

…smooth glass or ceramic stovetops. Its exterior finish is super smooth for use on these stovetops, but the set can also be used on electric stovetops, and on gas ranges with low flame – the exception is induction cookers.

These GreenPan pots and pans are not recommended for the oven at temperatures higher than 350 ºF given the phenolic (plastic) handles are not suitable for high-heat oven use.

Also, best to keep these away from open flames if using burner cookers to avoid ruining the attractive exterior color and scorching the handles.

On the upside, there are no rivets presenting on the inside, which is a good thing for cleaning and hygiene as food won’t collect in these areas. 

It is a great choice at an economical price for families. Get the latest price and real owner views at Amazon — See Details

How to Care for GreenPan Nonstick Cookware

  • To be safe, avoid using metal utensils (even with cookware that is rated ‘metal utensil safe’). Better to use only plastic, bamboo, wood, or silicone tools.
  • Pay attention to and gently clean the area around the rivets. Use only non-scratch sponges.
  • Hand wash for safest maintenance. The nonstick surface makes cleaning simple and so effortless anyway. 
  • Just running water into them or simply wipe with a paper towel should give these pans a quick clean. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or this will damage the surface and lessen the life of the product.
  • Burning foods may stain the surface. For resistant stains, heating some white vinegar and then cleaning may help.
  • Always store with care. Avoid stacking, which may harm the inner nonstick coating during storage. Pan separators can help.

Storing and Other Care Tips

Care is needed when storing nonstick cookware. Try not to stack the pots and pans unless carefully separated using pan protectors, like these felt dish and pan scratch protectors (in the image) that fit all sizes.

pan protectors at Amazon
Pan protectors — Click on image for price at Amazon

Avoid cutting food while in the pan and avoid using a knife or fork to stir the food while cooking. Avoid aerosol cooking sprays as these may cause residue to build-up on the surface coating and affect performance.

Overall, using clarified butter or high smoke point oils rather than cooking sprays, mists, or pumps will avoid hot spots on the coating. Oils, like virgin olive oil, can carbonize very rapidly. Best to use only short periods of high heat, as needed for searing or browning.

Care with cooking on a gas range or open burners will help avoid tarnishing the outer finish and harming the phenolic handles.

Final thoughts

Unlike earlier nonstick versions, the GreenPan pots and pans are PFOA-free and PTFE-free making them safer for you and the environment.

They offer the benefits of GreenPan Thermolon™ ceramic coating and the latest range is advanced in technology for a tougher cooking surface, claiming metal-utensil safe.

Still Unsure Which Set To Buy?

Check out my ceramic cookware buying guide!

Or, you might like my article on choosing the best nonstick frying pan.

References and Further Reading

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