Healthy Kitchen Essentials – Where Healthy Eating Starts

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All home chefs need to make sure that they stock their kitchens not only with healthy ingredients and recipes but also with the right kitchen utensils they need to make great meals.

Having the right utensils and appliances are essentials for healthy eating

While it can be easy to focus on having the right foods and ingredients, taking time to stock the kitchen with the best utensils, tools, items, and cleaners is important as well.

This will ensure that any home kitchen is prepared for making healthy meals and that the family can rest easy knowing that they won’t be ingesting anything dangerous or unhealthy.

Tools for Preparing Food

Having the right tools on hand makes preparing a meal significantly faster and easier, which is why home chefs need to take time stocking their kitchens with tools and equipment.


One of the most important items that any healthy home can’t do without is a juicer. A juicer is valuable for any healthy family as it allows members to make a fast, healthy drink to take on the go.

There are many health benefits to using a juicer but one of the main reasons why this is such a popular option for families choosing kitchen essentials for healthy cooking is because users can easily juice down a large quantity of fruits and vegetables to take the mixture on the go.

This allows family members to enjoy a healthy drink without any added sugar or preservatives.

As long as the juicer is cleaned carefully and on a regular basis, this piece of equipment is an excellent option for any busy family.

A Set Of Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are also important in any kitchen and families who want to have a healthy kitchen need to have a few different cutting boards on hand.

While it may seem easy to use the same cutting board for all foods that need to be prepped, this is actually very dangerous.

Larger cutting boards are significantly easier to use than smaller ones and will decrease the chance of a chef getting injured.

Having a separate board for raw meat as well as one for vegetables and even cheese will prevent the spread of germs, which could easily make a family sick.

What Cooks Need for Food Safety

To ensure that food is not only healthy and delicious but also safe to eat, families need to invest in the right kitchen utensils and tools designed to promote food safety.

Timer and Meat Thermometer

A timer and a meat thermometer are both very important and can be used to keep an eye on cooking times and check meat temperatures.

One of the most important things that home cooks can do when setting up a healthy kitchen is to ensure that they will be able to cook all meat thoroughly and correctly, which will prevent people from getting sick.

Bamboo Utensils

In addition to knowing how long something has cooked and if it is cooked all the way through, home cooks must make sure that they use the correct cooking utensils.

Bamboo is the best option for use in the kitchen. Not only are these utensils incredibly durable but they will resist staining and odors. This means that home cooks won’t ever have to worry about cross-contamination of smells during cooking.

They can also be used on non-stick cooking surfaces as they won’t scratch or mar the material.

Since they have a smooth finish instead of being porous, bamboo utensils won’t harbor bacteria and germs the way that other materials will.

This is important and will help prevent people from getting sick as it makes them easy to clean thoroughly after use.

Making Sure That Everything Tastes Great

Well-Stocked Spice Rack

A well-stocked spice rack is key to ensuring that food always tastes great. Using the right spices makes it easy for cooks to season their food without relying on a lot of salt, which can be unhealthy and even cause problems for some people.

Healthy Cooking Oils

In addition to having a variety of spices to choose from, it’s also a good idea to have a selection of cooking oils to use.

While many people automatically reach for olive oil, it’s not always the best option for searing and other high-heat uses.

Other oils, such as avocado and coconut, have higher smoke points. Knowing which oil to use for which type of cooking is key to maintaining a healthy kitchen.

I wrote about this in my article on using oils on nonstick pans and bakeware.

Following the Recipe Perfectly

While having the right ingredients and cooking utensils is very important for a great cooking experience, it’s also key to have tools for correct measuring.

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales as well as measuring cups should be on any kitchen essentials list, no matter how skilled the cook thinks that he or she is.

A kitchen food scale is great for baking and for following recipes that rely on weight instead of volume.

Some types of cooking require a scale instead of measuring cups and spoons as even the smallest discrepancy can make a huge difference in the success of the recipe.

Measuring Cups And Spoons

Many people do not realize that there are measuring cups designed for liquids as well as cups designed for dry ingredients such as flour and sugar.

Having a set of both on hand is by far the best way to ensure that a recipe works the way that it is supposed to.

Additionally, keeping high-quality measuring spoons around makes measuring small amounts of liquid or spices fast, easy, and accurate.

Keep Cleanup as Easy as Possible

Cleaning up in the kitchen doesn’t have to be hard but cooks must make sure that they have the right products to not only clean the kitchen, its surfaces, and their equipment but also keep the family safe.

Non-Toxic Cleaners

Some of the kitchen essentials for healthy cooking are non-toxic cleaners.

While some people reach for chemicals in the kitchen, savvy chefs who want to keep their kitchens as safe and clean as possible know that non-toxic cleaners are a much better choice.

These are just as powerful as cleaners with chemicals but won’t leave behind any unhealthy or dangerous residue.

Non-Abrasive Scourers

In addition to non-toxic cleaners that can be easily used on the counter, the stove, and in the microwave, it’s a good idea to have non-abrasive scourers on hand for cleaning up.

These scourers will easily clean equipment, pots, and pans but won’t scratch or damage the surface.

The problem with traditional scourers is that they can easily scratch the surface of whatever they are cleaning. While this may not seem to be a big deal, these grooves and scratches can easily become places for bacteria and other germs to hide.

When the grooves get deeper and harder to clean, then it is very common for home cooks to accidentally spread germs without meaning to.

This is especially easy on a cutting board, which is why having designated boards for specific uses is so very important.

While it may seem daunting to choose the right tools and equipment for a healthy kitchen, there are so many benefits of healthy eating that it’s important to take time to choose the right utensils and tools.

A healthy kitchen is key to a family having a healthy life.

The tools on this kitchen essentials list are specifically chosen to help families make the most of every meal and to ensure that every bite works to nourish the body without causing any harmful side effects.