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Looking for a pumpkin pie dish? One with a decent capacity? Or, maybe any of the many styles of baking containers? It’s hard to compare them all, but here is a buying guide with a selection to help you find the best bakeware set for your needs, especially for those wanting to do some baking at home right now.

Why ceramic is the best bakeware material

The main reasons people choose ceramic bakeware sets over others (such as stainless steel, enameled cast iron, or borosilicate glass) are that they are stylish and versatile and they hold and distribute the heat superbly for even cooking of your baked goods. For example, with ceramic pie dishes, you get perfect cooking of the center and nice browning and crusting of the edges that you won’t get with metal containers.

With ceramic bakeware, you also won’t get metals leaching and tainting your food (one good reason to highlight ceramic as the best bakeware material).

As well, traditional ceramic bakeware can go in the microwave, whereas metal pans can’t. The retain the warmth of the food better than metal pans and are great for serving at the table.

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Types of ceramic bakeware

About ceramic bakeware…There are two ceramic bakeware types.


One is the nonstick ceramic type that has a ceramic coating somewhat like that of the ceramic nonstick cookware sets and frypans. I include the hybrid ceramic in this category.

If you love homemade cookies and cakes but dislike having to grease the pans every time, then you’ll want the best non-stick bakeware to make baking a whole lot easier and enjoyable. The thing about the ceramic coating is it is PTFE-free and so it is the best bakeware material for nonstick if you are concerned about the use of PTFE vs ceramic.

Traditional ceramic

Then, there is the traditional bakeware, the one that is ceramic throughout, similar to the pure ceramic cookware. If you love home-roasted foods, casseroles, or pies and flans, you’ll want the best casserole cookware, baking pan, or pie plate in this range. What’s good about this range is its durability and style.

Best ceramic bakeware reviews 2020

This selection includes pure ceramic bakeware as well as the nonstick or hybrid type from some of the best bakeware brands on the market. I focus on ceramic material in oven cookware and this includes non stick cookie sheets and cake pans, and ceramic pie and casserole dishes.

#1 Emile Henry ceramic bakeware review

Looking for a product from one of the best bakeware brands?

This product is manufactured in France by Emile Henry — one of the few ceramic bakeware brands that have been manufacturing ovenware for over a century. The Henry family are known for their carefully hand-crafted bakeware.

This bakeware is available to buy online at Amazon — See latest details

This Emile Henry 9″ pie dish can be used in oven temperatures of up to 520ºF. It has a fluted edge and is ideal for pies, quiches, and gratins (not to mention that pumpkin pie!). The weight, height, and thickness of this pie dish and the angle of its sides make it perfect for deep-dish pies. Crusts bake evenly and nicely and the interior is baked to perfection as heat is distributed evenly.

It is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and can go directly from freezer/refrigerator to a hot oven.

It has an extremely hard glaze on the exterior and so it is stylish as well as easy to clean. It comes with a 10-year warranty.


Attractive. Fluted edges. Heats evenly for a crusty pie. A good size for pies, quiches, and gratin. Comes with a 10-year warranty.


As with all opaque pie dishes, the crust beneath the surface can’t be seen to know when the base of the baked goods is perfectly browned. Experience with use will help.

#2 Rachael Ray Cucina stoneware review

Looking for ceramic bakeware sets with lids at a price that’s affordable? This Rachael Ray 3 piece bakeware set contains a 1½ and a 2 qt casserole dish with lid.

You can buy this online at Amazon — See the latest price on this bakeware here.

It comes in a stylish rustic look with the cool Agave Blue color. These are versatile because each can go from the oven to your table. And leftovers can be stored in the same container in the refrigerator.

Stoneware is another type of fired ceramic ware.

This product is oven safe to 500°F. The ceramic bakeware with lid is versatile and can also be used in the microwave and for storing, not only in the refrigerator but also in the freezer. It is dishwasher safe.

The Rachael Ray brand is distributed by the Meyer Corporation with manufacturing facilities in the US, Italy, and Asia.


Fresh color. Easy to clean. Versatile. A bargain for the price.


Some reviewers claim the bases are a little rough. Best to place on a heat mat or board. The lid is loose-fitting, so take care when transferring from oven to table or refrigerator.

#3 CasaWare nonstick ceramic bakeware review

This bakeware set contains non stick ceramic bakeware that includes a 7″ x 11″ x 1.5″ baking pan, a 9″ loaf pan, and a 12-cup muffin pan. This 3 piece nonstick bakeware is stated as having a heat tolerance to 536ºF.

This bakeware has nonstick ceramic coating – Click image for price at Amazon.

These blue granite pans have a 0.6 mm steel inner and a ceramic coating that gives them the nonstick effect. The coating is free of toxins, cadmium, lead, PFOA, PTFE, and PFOS and is FDA — approved under the California Proposition 65 and EU requirements.

The ceramic non-stick technology from the CasaWare Company makes this set very easy to clean and the food slides off easily. The exterior has a ceramic coating while the interior coating is a textured ceramic nonstick type.

Can be used in a toaster oven as well as a standard oven. Not for the microwave.


Has good reviews about the quality you get for the price. Will be easy to clean by hand. There is no need to grease the pans as the baked goods won’t stick and should glide out of the pans.


Seller advises to not immerse these in water (assuming this means soaking them). Advertized as suitable for toaster ovens but best to check sizes as toaster ovens vary and the loaf pan and the baking pan are too large for some to fit nicely.

CasaWare also makes a ceramic cookie sheet and baking pan set that matches.

The nonstick cookie sheet and baking pan, shown in color Granite, is available at Amazon – click image for details.

#4 Krokori hybrid nonstick ceramic bakeware review

This is a hybrid ceramic rectangular baking pan set (Click image for price at Amazon.)

This rectangular baking pan set features a ceramic glaze with wavy accents on the exterior of each of the non-stick ceramic baking dishes.

The interior surface comprises a creamy hybrid ceramic coating, which makes the surface nonstick. The benefit of this, of course, is that there is no need to grease the dishes! and backed by a very easy cleanup.

The seller claims ceramic nonstick coating resists flaking and chipping and reviewers confirm that it is long-lasting.

The brand, Krokori, is a product of the Genol company, a ceramic manufacturing specialist in Chaozhou City, the city known for its ceramics. The company was founded in 1995.

The 3 piece baking tray set includes a large, approx. 12 x 8 x 3 inches (30 x 20 x 7 cm), one medium, approx. 9 x 6 x 2.5 inches (23 x 16 x 6 cm), and one small dish, approx. 7 x 5 x 2 inches (17 x 13 x 5 cm).

This product is oven safe to 500°F. The handles are double ear designed meaning easier to hold. It is versatile and can also be used in the microwave and for storing in the refrigerator. However, it is not suited to use with direct flames or an induction cooker.


The bakeware can nest within each other for storage, saving space. Fresh color. Attractive design. Durable. Versatile – great for parties. Very affordable.


Not for induction ovens and avoid direct fire. It is best to avoid metal utensils. Though, the food should easily slip out without the need to reach for these.

#5 Ceramic nonstick bundt pan by CasaWare

Click image for price at Amazon.

Here’s another one from the CasaWare company with nonstick properties that are toxin free — a 9 by 4 inch ceramic bundt cake pan, or otherwise called a fluted cake pan.

In a fresh color, this ceramic coated fluted cake pan is very easy to clean and perfect for an evenly baked cake out of the pan. Great for cakes and pull-apart breads. It will hold 10 cups, so not a small bundt pan.

This pan comes in red or blue and is constructed with a double coated ceramic surface over a 0.7 mm steel interior and is said to withstand up to 536°F oven temperatures.


A good size. Easy to clean by hand. No greasing of pan required. Baked items just slide out.


Avoid soaking. Do not use in the microwave. Not for the dishwasher…though, these are so easy to clean by hand, why would you? Exterior of pan will mark with use.

#6. Staub set baking & serving dishes

These 100% ceramic rectangular/square baking dishes are ideal for slices, desserts, pasta dishes, and a heap of other foods, such as baked potatoes or roast meat and vegetables. They are so versatile.

Check out the latest price at Amazon — See details.

Staub is a premium French cookware manufacturer and its products are used in restaurants around the world. The design of these dishes made by Staub makes them great as a serving dish also.

Here are two stackable baking dishes to save you shelf room. The vitreous glass porcelain-enamel finish is highly scratch-resistant and ensures the dishes won’t absorb moisture.

These hold the heat really well, better than metal pans, and so are great for table serving as they will keep the food warmer for longer.

Using ceramic bakeware rather than metal pans is also better for your cooking results. The ceramic works to heat the food evenly, meaning you are less likely to have burnt edges and also less burnt pans.

They are also more versatile than metal pans as you can use them in the microwave, freezer, broiler, and oven (up to 572 ºF).

The shape makes these dishes ideal for cooking long vegetables as well as desserts and slices.


Versatile. Use in cooking or serving. Good price. Pure taste – no leaching of chemicals. Dishwasher safe.


No lids.

What is hybrid ceramic bakeware?

This is a name used by brands such as Silverstone and Farberware, both owned by Meyer. It refers to the non stick ceramic coating applied to their bakeware. Hybrid ceramic comprises a coating of ceramic blended with a silicone base so it doesn’t crack or chip with the flexing of the bakeware. It is a traditional nonstick coating for bakeware and involves silicone polyester with the ceramic coating. Like other non stick ceramic, it is rated as PFOA and PTFE free.

How to care for your non stick bakeware 

To lengthen the life and enjoyment of your best baking pans, consider whether they have a non-stick coating, which can be worn from metals that scrap the surface. If so, you need to avoid using metal utensils when filling or emptying those baking pans. Always use baking tools, spoons and spatulas, that are silicone, plastic, wood, nylon, or bamboo with your baking goods when using non stick ceramic baking dishes.

The same care when cooking is needed when you are cleaning these nonstick bakeware dishes. The nonstick cookie sheet pans and cake pans, like all nonstick ovenware, are super easy to clean and keep clean. So avoid using harsh scourers. Just wipe with a paper towel or a wet cloth. Avoid placing them in the dishwasher as they could get damaged by the swinging arms of the dishwater or the utensils placed inside.

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Do you have a favorite ceramic pie dish?

When storing, keep them separate or if you do nest them inside each another, make sure to use a separator, either a cloth or paper towel. You can also purchase pan protectors on for varying types of cookware. This will to keep them smooth and free of scratches.

Where to shop online for ceramic bakeware

You can find bakeware on Amazon, which is especially great if you are a Prime customer. You should also check out:

What is the best bakeware material?

I hope the above guide has been a help. I’d love to hear what you’ve found to be the best bakeware or what you consider the best bakeware brands.

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