Warranty & Guarantees Of Popular Cookware Brands

If you’re wanting to buy hard-working cookware, products that will last, you should know that the warranty and guarantee that the company offers matter. The problem is that with so many different types of warranty, it can be tricky to know what a certain company offers and if it is a good deal.

What does that warranty mean?

Paying attention to warranty types, what they mean, and whether you can easily get a replacement if necessary, will help you decide on the best cookware to buy.

Comparing some of the top companies makes this work even easier and will allow you to rest easy knowing that you’ve made the right decision for your family.

Le Creuset

While there are some people who balk at the higher price on Le Creuset products, others who read the fine print will understand the value of their warranty and are often more willing to spend the money.

Le Creuset sells lifetime warranty cookware, which means that all of their cast-iron products are protected. (For a review of the Le Creuset’s Signature, see my buying guide on cast iron skillets.)

No matter whether the product that a home cook uses is defective and breaks because of that or simply wears out or breaks during normal use, the company is happy to replace it. This doesn’t cover users dropping and breaking their cookware, however. 


Most of the products offered by Calphalon come with a lifetime warranty, which means that users can easily return their products for a replacement if there is a problem after purchase.

The company offers a fairly easy return policy, and users can start by calling the company.

Sending in photos to prove the damage that has occurred is a great way to speed up the claims process and ensure that home cooks will get their new cookware as quickly as possible.

However, cooks who aren’t internet-savvy don’t need to panic, as the company doesn’t require this. 


Yet another company that offers a limited lifetime warranty on their cookware is All-Clad. Their warranty states that they will repair or replace products that are defective and have been used and cared for following the company’s use and care instructions. 

There are some exclusions to the warranty, such as normal wear and tear on the product, accidents caused by fire or flood, and deterioration or metal separation that was caused due to exposure to very high heat.

Because of their longer list of exclusions, home cooks will want to check with the company to see if their damage is covered before assuming that it is. 


Lodge produces high-quality cast iron cookware (see my reviews here), including a range that is protected with a durable porcelain enamel covering. It is guaranteed to be free from defects and is covered by an impressive warranty that lasts from the purchase date for the entire lifetime of the original owner.

However, to ensure that the warranty applies, owners must follow all instructions provided with the cookware.

Damage from use in a commercial location is not covered, but covered damage will result in the company repairing or replacing the cookware without any charge. When returning the cookware, users must include information about the damage or defect. 


Thanks to their great quality control, Staub feels confident offering a 30-year guarantee on their cast iron products.

The guarantee has a fairly inclusive scope, and covers all material, functional, and manufacturing faults in the cookware, as long as it has only been used for normal domestic use. 

There are exclusions to this guarantee that users will want to consider before sending in their cookware for the company to evaluate, as Staub carefully examines all products that are referred to them for damage before agreeing to repair or replace the product. 


Products produced by GreenPan, including the set covered in my ceramic cookware guide, are covered by a limited lifetime warranty that encompasses defects in workmanship and material, but only if the pan was not used in a professional setting.

They offer a 2-year manufacturing defect warranty on their Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating.

The company reserves the right to fully examine any cookware products that users claim are damaged or not functioning correctly before they will repair or replace them.

This means that home cooks must be willing and able to return items to the company so that they can examine them and determine whether or not the damage falls under the warranty, as there are exclusions.


I cover two of T-Fal products in my buyer’s guide on nonstick ceramic frying pans.

T-Fal offers a warranty on their products that covers the replacement or repair of damaged cookware, but their warranty only extends to products that are used in the country where they were purchased.

For cookware to be eligible for the warranty, users must follow care and use instructions, and the item must be defective in workmanship, construction, or material.

They do not cover damage that the user caused by mishandling the cookware when using it. After a warranty evaluation by a professional representative from the company, T-Fal will provide replacement of a faulty product, but you may need to show proof of purchase.


All Zwilling products are covered with a warranty that protects against defects in craftsmanship or material and will ensure that a replacement product is provided to the customer.

The customer does have to ship in their cookware to the company to allow them to evaluate it in person and to check to see if the warranty applies. 

Their warranty does not protect against normal wear and tear or damage that resulted from the cookware being used in a way that is not normally intended.

Home cooks can expect the inspection and return of a product to take between four and six weeks. 

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see how the different types of warranty offered by various cookware brands can have a huge impact on how long the brand lasts, if customers can get their money back and if the brand is worth the investment. While shopping can be fun, considering the warranty is incredibly important. 

With careful research and consideration, home cooks will be able to choose the best cookware to buy and be confident that they are not wasting their money on cookware that will break quickly and won’t last. 

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